Valuable painting stolen in New Year law library mystery heist

By Rory Reynolds

A VALUABLE painting has been pinched from one of Scotland’s top law libraries in a “mystery” heist.

Bosses at the Signet Library in Edinburgh believe a daring thief snatched the masterpiece after attending a talk as a GUEST on New Year’s Day.

Staff returned to work at the prestigious legal collection after their festive breaks to find ‘I Cannae Hear Ye’ by deceased Scots artist, Tom Scott, missing.

But the chief executive of the Society of Writers to Her Majesty’s Signet has extended an amnesty to the thief if they return the prized watercolour.

Robert Perrie said: “We’re very disappointed that our hospitality should be abused. It’s a private building but we open it up to the city as often as he can. Continue reading

Secret files show crime boss ran network of evil in Scots prisons

By Rory Reynolds

CRIME boss Arthur ‘The Godfather’ Thompson masterminded a reign of terror across Scotland’s prisons even after he was jailed.

Chilling declassified documents released yesterday after 40 years outlined how the Glasgow gangster threatened, manipulated and even paid other lags to do his dirty work.

They describe Thompson – who ruled Glasgow’s criminal underworld for decades – as “one of the most dangerous we have serving”.

Thompson served some nine-and-half years between 1951 and 1969 alone during various sentences over extortion, violence and even explosives charges and even a major heist on a clothing store.

But in a string of reports, wardens warn that Thompson’s “veneer” of pleasantness concealed his evil agendas.

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Declassified documents reveal decades of secrets, scandals and plots

By Rory Reynolds

THOUSANDS of classified government documents have been released to the general public.

Many of the items, which include details of scandals, accidents and public events, were intended to be destroyed or locked away for up to 75 years.

But now secret files have been opened up to the public by the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh.

They include prison reports of Arthur “The Godfather” Thompson, one of Scotland’s most violent criminals.

Letters from the governor of HMP Aberdeen describe the Glasgow gangster as a “consummate criminal” while others show his wife, imprisoned herself, pleading with prison bosses not to move Thompson to Barlinnie in case he fell in with the wrong crowd. Continue reading

Big freeze puts golfers on ice

By Andrea McCallum

A KEEN golf nut swaps spikes for ICE-SKATES to get a round in as Scotland is hit by a second wave of freezing weather.

Former ice hockey player Anthony Caira – club pro at Kirkcaldy Golf Club – braved sub zero temperatures on Tuesday to take on the frozen green.

The 48-year-old even had donned the ice-beating gear in Balwearie, Fife, to tee off from the 18th hole.

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Boozy teacher struck off

By Cara Sulieman

A DRUNKEN primary teacher has been struck off after getting smashed on a school trip she was running.

Marian Bruce, 55, was in charge of around 30 P6 and P7 pupils during a three-day trip to an outdoor centre near Dunoon.

But Bruce asked a colleague to buy her vodka before displaying “odd” behaviour and stumbling about the halls where the children were sleeping.

Concerned workmates – including a probationary teacher – had to step-in and take charge of the trip.

And, after returning to St Mary’s Primary in Paisley, furious parents complained about the boozy Miss, leading to her suspension.

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Virus forces hospitals to close wards

By Andrea McCallum

A VIRUS outbreak has forced two Scottish hospitals to close nearly 10 wards after both staff and patients were infected.

Queen Margaret Hospital and Lynebank Hospital – both in Dunfermline – have closed some wards to new admissions.

And a total of 14 patients and 12 staff across the wards have shown symptoms of the norovirus.

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Pastor Praises Gordon Brown in home town

By Andrea McCallum

A CHURCH leader from Gordon Brown’s home town has taken out an advert in his local paper to support the under-pressure PM in the upcoming election.

Reverend Joe Nwokoye insists the Fife-born Premier is the best candidate for the job.

And Dr Nwokoye – a pastor in Kirkcaldy – hopes to inspire Mr Brown’s home town voters.

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