Workers show true grit to salt treacherous frozen roads

By Shaun Milne and Rory Reynolds

DOCKERS and road maintenance staff were working through their holidays last night in a desperate bid to help Scotland beat grit-lock by unloading emergency supplies of salt.

Crew aboard the Sea Ruby supply vessel sailed through the night on an hour 18-hour journey to bring a fresh supply of 2000 tonnes of salt to Edinburgh’s Port of Leith yesterday.

Workers immediately began unloading the precious cargo – as temperatures plunged to minus 10 in places – onto waiting trucks to help get supplies out to fleets of gritters across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

But with stocks only expected to last a few days, another shipment is already on stand-by to be sailed north, because trucks cannot cope with the treacherous road conditions.

The new supplies come as the AA warned they expect at least four times as many call-outs today  as Scotland gets back to work. Continue reading

MOD should slash top brass officers to fund frontline troops


A former Government minister is calling on the MoD to axe its senior military commanders by at least half to free up millions of pounds for front-line troops and their families.

Written answers to a series of Parliamentary Questions in the House of Lords reveal that a salary pot of £6.762 million is shared between 47 military chiefs.

A further £2.656 million has been spent on official residences that go with the posts for 19 senior top brass.

As well as the salaries exceeding £100k each, further associated expenses for ‘entertaining’ is costing the taxpayer around £77,000 a year.

Now there are calls for Lieutenant Colonels, Admirals and Generals to fall on their swords to free up cash for frontline staff. Continue reading