Woman knocked down and killed in superstore car park while carrying child


A woman was knocked down and killed while carrying a three year old girl in a supermarket car park earlier today.

She was struck by a blue Citreon Picasso outside a busy Sainsbury’s store at Straiton Retail Park near Loanhead, Midlothian.

It was thought the car hit her while its driver tried to park. Continue reading

“Innocent” terror convict Atif Siddique’s appeal begins

02mohammedsiddiqueappeal (Medium)By Michael MacLeod

SCOTLAND’S first convicted Islamist terrorist has been moved out of Barlinnie Prison’s high security unit.

Mohammed Atif Siddique, 23, was “mainstreamed” by prison bosses ahead of his appeal hearing which began yesterday (Tues) at the High Court in Edinburgh.

The former Clackmannanshire computing student was jailed for eight years in 2007 for a string of offences linked to material he had downloaded from the internet.

He had been housed alongside some of Scotland’s most dangerous criminals in the specialist segregation unit, dubbed “the Wendy House” by inmates after former Labour leader Wendy Alexander.

Previous cons in the tough prison wing include murderer Hugh Collins, who spent 14 months, and shamed boxer Scott Harrison who was segregated for his own safety.
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Radio presenter begs listeners for news

By Michael MacLeod

A SCOTS BBC travel reporter had to beg listeners to phone her with traffic news after rush-hour CCTV cameras blacked out.

Radio Scotland presenter Sarah Cruickshank was left in the dark after a technical glitch saw all of the cameras on Scotland’s motorways shut down.

Instead of helping drivers to avoid problems, she spent the duration of the three hour show appealing to listeners to help her out by telling her when they were in traffic jams.

Her colleagues on the Good Morning Scotland programme joked that her camera feed was fine, and it was just a rare Scottish appearance from the sunshine causing glare on the screens blocking her view of the roads.
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Horse bolts for freedom day before the snip

By Oliver Farrimond

A RACEHORSE made a dramatic bid for freedom on the M8 – just hours before he was due to be castrated.

Frisky mount Trade Price had finished third at 20-1 hours earlier in a race at Musselburgh racecourse, before he leaped into the front section of the horsebox.

After its driver pulled into the hard shoulder near Hermiston Gate on the outskirts of Edinburgh, vets were called to sedate the horse so he could be cut free after trapping himself.

Fire crews then cut through the partition with a special saw.

Trainer Ian Semple, 61, said that the three-year-old horse had been unusually spirited in recent races and that he had decided to castrate him. Continue reading

Dolly the sheep creator Ian bows down to the Queen

By Michael MacLeod

THE boffin behind Dolly the Sheep said he was “delighted and excited” after getting a knighthood from the Queen.

Professor Ian Wilmut is now a Sir for his work creating the world’s first cloned mammal in 1996.

DOLLY MUSEUM.He picked up his honour from Queen Elizabeth II at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh today (Tuesday), just a few miles from the lab where he conducted his breakthrough experiment.

The award came a week before his 65th birthday.

After taking in the Royal garden party his family, Sir Ian dedicated his award to the colleagues he researched with.

He said: “I’m naturally delighted and excited by this award and accept it on behalf of the teams I work with now at the centre for regenerative medicine at the University of Edinburgh and previously at the Roslin Institute.
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The Stig gears up for Scottish streets

By Michael MacLeod

THE most mysterious man on TV is on course to amaze thrill-seekers with his driving skills in Scotland this summer.

The Stig has been unveiled as the special guest for this year’s Glasgow Show between August 1 and 2 on Glasgow Green.

The BBC Top Gear test driver, who never speaks or removes his dark-tinted helmet, is loved by millions of TV viewers for his calm approach to extreme driving.

The line-up for the Glasgow Show was announced yesterday along with the Clyde River Festival under the joint banner or “It’s Glasgow Festival Time.”

The weekend before masked motoring stuntman Stig hits the city’s roads, the shores of the River Clyde will host the world’s Jet Ski champion.

Four-time World Pro Freestyle Champion Lee Stone will show off his sensational stunts at the water fest, which draws over 85,000 people.
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Edinburgh drivers facing 500 road digs a day


MOTORISTS are being driven mad in Scotland’s capital city– by almost 500 sets of road works.

The astonishing figure, revealed by Scottish Roadworks Register, show that 493 sets of road works are underway across Edinburgh just now.

And city cabbies say the works are the “worst ever”. Continue reading

TV star Clarkson rolls into Edinburgh, again

Jeremy Clarkson Angela McCole 2 (Medium)By SHAUN MILNE

MOTOR-MOUTH telly star Jeremy Clarkson is to deliver a TV masterclass to this year’s Edinburgh International Television Festival.

The petrol head presenter of BBC’s hit show Top Gear will be officially unveiled today (Tues) as one of the keynote speakers.

He is expected to be joined by executive producer Andy Wilman to discuss just why Top Gear remains the highest rating programme on BBC 2.

They are also expected to talk about a recent stunt where F1 legend Michael Schumacher was jokingly unveiled as the mystery ‘Stig’ test driver.

The hoax earlier this month saw 7.1million viewers tune into the hour-long show – just  53 per cent of them men – such is its universal appeal.
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Scottish Women’s hockey players hit by thief


SCOTLAND’S Women’s hockey champions were targeted by sneak thieves as they were winning a prestigious trophy for their country.

The women’s hockey team defeated rivals Ireland 7-1 at the National Hockey Centre in Edinburgh on Sunday to claim the Celtic Cup trophy for Scotland.

He broke in while they were playing but was disturbed by chance when substitute goal-keeper Carmin Dow happened to return and the raider fled. Continue reading

Olympian Chris Hoy awarded prestigious Edinburgh prize


By Oliver Farrimond

SIR Chris Hoy was back in his home town yesterday to pick up a prestigious award – but his beautiful fiancé stole the show.

Gorgeous legal eagle Sarra Kemp stunned onlookers wearing a flowing red dress as she stepped out with the Olympic hero.

Hoy, 33, whisked devoted Sarra to Prague during the last Easter weekend after proposing with a stunning diamond ring.

However when asked if he had named a date for the ceremony, Hoy remained coy.

He said: “We’re not getting married until next year and there’s no date set. Continue reading