Edinburgh beauty parlour first to offer women designer waxing

By Christine Lavelle

AN Edinburgh beauty parlour has become the first in Scotland to offer women designer bikini line waxing – and is being described as the ‘ideal treat’ for special occasions.

The new ‘bikini designs’ allow ladies to pick and choose any shape or symbol they like, which are then stenciled on and dyed to create the desired look.

Costing upwards of £45, the idea was brought to Scotland by Russian businesswoman Anna Brown, who says the fad will be hugely popular with girls in their 20s and 30s.

The 27-year-old set up shop on Frederick Street two weeks ago, and believes it is the ideal treat for hen nights, weddings and holidays. Continue reading

Police step up search for missing Edinburgh woman

Police canvas for witnesses on St Andrews Square

By Cara Sulieman


THE worried parents of Edinburgh woman Suzanne Pilley today (Tues) urged people to help them find their daughter – as police forensic teams joined the hunt for the missing bookkeeper.

Anxious Robert and Sylvia Pilley, from Stenhouse, called in police after their daughter never showed for work last Tuesday (May 4) failed to contact any family or friends later.

Detectives say they are now “gravely concerned” for missing Suzanne and called in specialist teams to help.

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Police spend thousands on mobile cells for female arrests

By Andrea McCallum

A SCOTS police force is spending £765,000 on mobile cells after a surge in the number of drunken female arrests.

Strathclyde Police said they are running out of room because of a rise in the number of drunk and violent women being nicked.

The force has lifted twice as many women as four years ago and as a result is buying 10 portable cells.

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Poundland pervert caught filming up women’s skirts

By Michael MacLeod

A PERVERT secretly took mobile phone videos up the skirts of 40 women while he pretended to browse magazines in a Poundland shop.

William Gardner, 36, was caught “fumbling” in the magazine isle of the Edinburgh store by a security guard.

He desperately tried and failed to delete the sordid clips before being arrested.

Gardner told police he was “just being stupid” and today (Thursday) pled guilty to breach of the peace.
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It’s not just another nude calendar…

Dorothy Dyre, 55 from Bruntsfield in Edinburgh

Dorothy Dyre, 55 from Bruntsfield in Edinburgh

By Cara Sulieman

IT’S NOT just another nude calendar…it’s a Marks and Spencer nude calendar.

Staff at an Edinburgh branch of the chain are the latest group to get their clothes off for charity.

Fourteen employees working at the food hall in the Gyle store decided to try and raise £20,000 for breast cancer when one of the staff’s daughters found a lump after giving birth.

Although they knew they wanted to raise the money, it took them a while to settle on the idea of a nude calendar.

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New exhibition to honour fight for vote

By Cara Sulieman

A NEW exhibition honouring the sacrifice of Scottish women who fought for their right to vote opens tomorrow.

To mark the 100th anniversary, the Museum of Edinburgh is collecting together stories of Scottish suffragettes.

They hope to demonstrate what part campaigners from across Scotland played in securing the vote.

And it will focus on a key moment of the campaign when, on October 10 1909, hundreds of men, women and children took to Princes Street in Edinburgh with banners and marched for the female vote.

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Edinburgh freemasons admit women members for the first time

By Oliver Farrimond

FREEMASONS at the Edinburgh Masonic Club have made a historic decision to allow women members, rolling back half a century of tradition.

The club’s 1,100 masons voted the motion through last month – a decision ten years in the making.

The first women members will go through the club’s doors on April 1st, and the club are anticipating a huge surge in membership.

James MacLean, club secretary and treasurer, said that over 800 women were expected to sign up.

He said: “It’s the big break through – we’re admitting lady members for the first time.

“The provisions of the Scottish licensing act 2005, which are coming into force this year, led us to review our constitution.

“We reckoned that if we don’t adapt we’ll start being seen as dinosaurs.”

The occasion marks a milestone for the club, which is based at Shrub Hill in Leith, as until now women had only been allowed in if accompanied by their husbands.

And even if permitted to enter the club, they had to sign in as visitors.

Decision not taken lightly

The planned membership fee is only half of what a man pays, and ladies will not enjoy the privilege of voting on club business.

The Edinburgh Masonic Club has a unique constitution, whereby all members must be masons, but not all Edinburgh masons can join.

The Shrub Hill freemasons also have another reason to welcome a flood of new, paying members – the club are eyeing relocation to a new site on the face of Leith Walk.

James MacLean, who has worked as club secretary as treasurer for over 30 years, said that the decision was ten years in the making and had not been taken lightly.

He said: “There were more than a few voices of objection when we proposed the motion to allow women members for the first time.

“I told them that I did not perceive that continuing with the current status quo was an option.”

He added that although women would not be permitted to vote in Masonic matters, they would still have a say – albeit indirectly.

He said: “They will have some kind of say, I feel, because they cajole their men when it comes to casting a vote.”

Women are “easy to read”

By Cara Sulieman


YOU WOULDN’T think it listening to the country’s men, but women are easier to read than men.

Research by New Scientist magazine revealed that women’s faces give away more about their personalities than men’s do.

And this will come as a shock to the legions of men who say that they don’t understand women.

Dr Rob Jenkins from the University of Glasgow was involved in the study, and was also surprised by the results.

He said: “Past studies have shown that people do associate facial appearance with certain personality traits and that our snap judgements of faces really do suggest a kernel of truth about the personality of their owner.

“But we were very surprised by these findings. We did not expect there to be such a difference between the sexes.”

The research involved readers of the magazine sending in a picture of themselves and filling in a personality test to say how religious, trustworthy, humorous and lucky they are.

Researchers then blended the faces together to come up with a range of extreme expressions.

To establish how people would view the faces, they were placed on a website and more than 6500 people tried to identify which ones were lucky, religious, trustworthy and humorous.

It was the female faces that revealed the most about their personality – with a whopping 70 per cent of people correctly indetifying the lucky female face.

A further 73 per cent pinned down the religious one, and 54 per cent spotted the trustworthy female.

Only the funny female failed to be identified.

But none of the male faces were pinned down.

Dr Jenkins explained: “The results for the male composites were very different. Here respondents failed to identify any of the composites correctly.

“Overall the data is fascinating. It’s possible that there is some correlation between appearance and personality because both are influenced by our genetic make-up.”

Although just a pilot project, it is hoped that it will pave the way for more research into the links between a person’s character and their appearance.

Sex survey says that more Scottish women have multiple orgasms

By Oliver Farrimond

A SEX survey released yesterday has turned up some surprising secrets about what Scots get up to in the bedroom.

According to the report, over three-quarters of Scottish women say that they’ve had a multiple orgasm.

Most men are incapable of multiple orgasms, and generally only a quarter of women experience them.

Jacqueline Gold, Chief executive of Ann Summers, said: “I think the Scots are very relaxed people – they like having a good time.

“They are obviously very hot-blooded.”

Scottish women have also had fewer sexual partners than anywhere else in the UK – just six, compared with nine in London and 11 in East Anglia.