How the 2010 election was won and lost in Scotland

By Michael MacLeod

The ink on the ballot papers has barely dried and still the shape of the UK Government remains unknown.

But the Scottish political map is completely clear, as Labour maintained their grip by winning at least 41 out of 58 seats north of the border.

All parties were keen to prove they had the Susan Boyle x-factor and a feisty election battle triggered the highest turn out in years.

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Election countdown is on as Salmond rallies troops

By Michael MacLeod

ALEX Salmond got up on a soapbox to rally his SNP troops ahead of a frantic last few hours of canvassing today.

He made a tub-thumping speech to activists at the party HQ in Edinburgh while standing on a tiny stage.

The First Minister said Labour were “finished” as a government, urging his party staff to hit as many doors as possible in the final few hours before polls open.

He said: “Only the SNP can protect this country from the London parties, none of whom put Scotland first.

“Labour are finished, while the Tories are arrogantly saying they can rule with no Scots MPs and the Lib Dems are ready to do a deal with David Cameron.”
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