Police hunting pair caught on CCTV in connection with Bannatyne’s shooting

By Christine Lavelle

POLICE probing the shooting of a man outside an Edinburgh health club have revealed they are looking for two suspects in connection with the attack.

Robert Kelbie, 27, a well known property developer in the city, was gunned down outside Bannatyne’s Health Club on Wednesday, 20 October.

He managed to run into the club in Newcraighall and was taken to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh before discharging himself the same evening.

A silver Vauxhall Vectra car was reportedly seen speeding away from the scene moments later, and police believe they recovered it the following morning in a private car park off West Bryson Road. Continue reading

Sozzled swimmer sparks search

By Rory Reynolds

A DOZY drunk sparked a search and rescue yesterday after he staggered into a canal.

Emergency services were called to the Union Canal in Edinburgh after a passer-by saw a man plunge into the water.

Fire crews and paramedics searched for the sozzled swimmer in the Dalry area of the city at around 7am, before finding he had pulled himself out.

A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said that the man had been very drunk, and didn’t recall what had happened some minutes earlier.

He said: “We were called to Dorset Place at 6.56am. Continue reading

Men face court after car falls through ice on canal

The car plunged through the ice on the Union Canal

By Cara Sulieman

TWO men face court after narrowly cheating death by allegedly driving along a frozen CANAL in a car.

Police blasted them as “stupid” after their vehicle broke through ice on the Union Canal in West Lothian plunging the pair into the freezing water and sparking a rescue operation.

It is alleged hapless driver and his passenger was motoring along the frozen canal near Winchburgh on Monday afternoon when the ice gave way and his Peugeot 406 plunged into the icy water.

The men are alleged to have driven down a slip road off the B8046 near junction two of the M9 that leads to a popular picnic and dog walking spot by the water, before edging on to the ice.

The black Peugeot got about half a mile down the canal before the fragile ice gave way and the front of the car smashed into the water.

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Edinburgh’s Rat Race off to a flying start

Rat Race Launch


A DAREDEVIL schoolboy got Edinburgh’s Rat Race off to a flying start yesterday. (Mon)

Scots youngster Francis Webb, 12, might have taken a tumble during yesterday’s launch, but the extreme sports fanatic was well protected by his pads and helmet and walked away unscathed.

Teenage thrill-seekers are now being urged to join in the fun when the Rat Race hits the city later this year.

Auld Reekie is to be transformed into Scotland’s coolest urban adventure track when hundreds of participants battle it out for the top prize.

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