MSP’s Research Reveals Scots are being Ripped Off by Travel Operators

By Oliver Farrimond

A FORMER Scottish Minister has claimed that major holiday firms are ripping off Scots holidaymakers.

Stewart Maxwell, former SNP sports minister, carried out a nationwide survey and found that Scots were being made to pay hundreds of pounds more than their English counterparts for package holidays.

Mr Maxwell carried out a survey of holiday costs for Scots, and compared them to the same breaks organised by families from England.

He found that a Scots family break organised through First Choice and flying from Glasgow airport cost more than £1,000 more than the same break flying out from London. Continue reading

Rail staff walk-out on rugby’s Calcutta Cup

By Michael MacLeod

RUGBY fans could be in for travel chaos after rail workers voted to strike on the same day as England and Scotland’s Calcutta Cup showdown.

Over 550 First Scotrail guards, drivers and sleeper-train managers will strike on the Murrayfield match-day over staff cuts on the new Airdie to Bathgate line.

The 24-hour walk-outs will affect trains on three occasions over the next four weeks.

The final strike on March 13 lands on the same day that over 65,000 rugby fans descend on Edinburgh’s West End for the biggest game in the RBS Six Nations tournament.

Angry Scotrail bosses hit out at the RMT union’s “cynical and incomprehensible” decision to take industrial action on one of Scotland’s major sporting days.
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Naked cruises expected to take off

By Cara Sulieman

TRAVEL experts are expecting record numbers of people to go on a cruise next year….stark naked.

Nudist cruises have been on the rise for the past decade, but organisers say that next year is when they expect them to really take off.

Desperate to encourage Brits to jump aboard, companies are looking for ways to tempt the niche markets.

And offering the opportunity to chart the open seas in the buff seems to be one that is catching on.

But some travel agents don’t think the trend will appeal to Scots, saying there “would be too many goose pimples”.

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Trams boss says budget going off track is “great success”

By Michael MacLeod

EDINBURGH’S tram scheme boss believes going £33million over budget would be “a great success.”
04edinburghtramwork (Medium)
Richard Jeffrey says the massive project is likely to cost £545million instead of the original £512million budget.

But rather than going off the rails, he says he would be “pleased” if his team hit the newly raised budget bar.

Shirley Anne Somerville MSP slammed his remarks as “simply not good enough.”

Speaking in a weekend interview, Jeffrey – the recently appointed chief executive of Transport Initiatives Edinburgh (TIE) – conceded that the project was “not going smoothly.”

But he refuted claims the final bill could be £1billion.
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Edinburgh Airport emergency services scrambled

By Oliver Farrimond

A FULL-SCALE emergency was declared at Edinburgh Airport last night as an inbound Flybe flight reported problems with its hydraulic system.

Emergency services were scrambled just after 5.30pm last night after the flight from Bergerac, France sounded the alarm.

The flight, which had 54 people on board, was scheduled to land at 5.20pm but had to delay landing.

The craft was forced to circle overhead for more than 20 minutes before landing safely, with passengers disembarking shortly after. Continue reading

Brits want the return of National Service

By Oliver Farrimond

NATIONAL Service should be brought back as the answer to Britain’s worsening yob culture, according to a new poll.

Almost three-quarters of Brits want to see compulsory military service, which was banned in 1960, re-instated for young people.

And amongst those who had actually experienced National Service, almost 90% think that it would restore the values of respect and hard work in Britain’s youth.

Glasgow-born Peter Wilson, 81, fondly remembers his days travelling the world with the RAF, and said that the service had taught him valuable lessons.

He said: “I had tried to sign up for the RAF when I was 17 but my father refused to sign the papers, so soon as I was 18 I was off.

“It certainly didn’t do us any harm way back then. I think it definitely help curb the bad behaviour we hear so much about today. Continue reading

House builders reported for travel gaffe


AN AWARD-WINNING house-building company has been reported to the advertising watchdog for telling potential home-owners the journey from Dunfermline to Edinburgh takes just 15 MINUTES.

Redrow have landed themselves in hot water with the Advertising Standards Authority for trying to cut the travelling time from the Fife town to the capital.

The line appeared in the company’s spring/summer ’09 brochure and was spotted by an irate commuter who claimed the only way to make the journey in that time would be to make the trip “in a helicopter”.

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