Bullet Found After “Warning Shot” At House

By Michael MacLeod and Shaun Milne

A BULLET recovered by police at the scene of a drive by shooting could hold vital clues in tracking down who was behind the incident.

Detectives are probing the shot fired at an address in Dalkeith, Midlothian, at around 11.25pm on Wednesday.

Damage caused by the bullet could be seen at the home of George Rae, 39, who police sources say was also the target of recent threats made at the start of the month.

The blast left his neighbours in Woodburn Avenue shocked, with many last night saying a feud had been bubbling under for some time.
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Man On Trial Over ‘Menacing’ Letters To Scottish Parliament

By Michael MacLeod

A 70-YEAR-OLD man has gone on trial accused of sending “menacing” letters to staff at the Scottish Parliament.

Pensioner John Campbell is alleged to have left staff at the Holyrood building fearing they could face an explosion.

Two parliament workers, including the Scottish National Party’s head of press Elizabeth Lloyd, both said they felt threatened by letters sent by Mr Campbell in 2008.

They also told how, since the 9/11 attacks in New York, certain items of mail received by the Parliament are now screened and opened in controlled conditions in case of harmful chemicals.

The letters in question were addressed only to “Holyrood Building, Edinburgh” and were handed over to police by staff who claim they were left “alarmed and disturbed” by the contents.

Mr Campbell, of Uphall, West Lothian, denies committing a breach of the peace between 14 January and 12 March 2008.


The contents of the letters were agreed by his solicitor and a Crown prosecutor yesterday at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

One of the letters read: “To each and every one of you SMPs had better start proving yourselves now.

“Each and every one of you shall be watched and fail Scotland and its people at your own risk.

“You have until the day of St Andrew 2008 to prove yourselves to the people of Scotland.

“If you fail then you and yours will pay the full price. Wallace, Bruce and followers didn’t fight and die for nothing. Continue reading