The Broons set to give Susan Boyle a run for her money

SCOTLAND’s first family – The Broons – are set to challenge Susan Boyle for the coveted Christmas number one spot with the release of their very first album.

The compilation CD named The Broons Family Album: A Braw Collection O’ The Broons Favourite Tunes was released a week ago and has already rocketed into the UK charts coming inside the top 30.

The iconic comic strip family from Glebe Street, who first appeared in the Sunday Post as far back as 1936, have the support of Beatles record label EMI.

And insiders are widely predicting The Broons will be locked in a full scale “battle” with Susan Boyle the week before Christmas for the number one spot in Scotland.

In some record stores it is already the number one compilation album.

A spokesperson for HMV in Dundee said: “Broons are the third biggest seller in the store for the week only being outsold by Susan Boyle and Bon Jovi.”

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McCartney vows to wow Scots fans after 30 years

By Rory Reynolds

SIR PAUL McCartney wants to play in Scotland for the first time in three decades, it has been revealed.

The Beatles legend last played in Scotland since 1979, when he treated fans to an appearance with rock band Wings in Glasgow.

But now the 67-year-old, who owns a farm on Kintyre, and famously released the anthem Mull of Kintyre, wants to do a UK tour to take in Scotland.

McCartney has asked gig promoters to look into a date north of the border as part of a ‘Union Jack’ tour.

The rock star previously had to pull out of a gig at Celtic Park in 2003 as part of the Back In The World Tour after losing his voice.

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Anti-extremists vow to march on Edinburgh

MEMBERS of the anti-Islam Scottish Defence League are planning a second protest in Scotland after claiming their Glasgow march was a “success”.

And they are targeting Edinburgh for their next outing, saying they plan to march on the capital in the new year.

Just around 50 members of the controversial group made it to Glasgow last Saturday, with many claiming they had been warned off by Strathclyde police.

But despite being outnumbered by a counter-march celebrating the diversity of Scotland, the group have declared the outing a victory.

A report on the protest, on the Casuals United website, said: “Glasgow demo a big success – over 120 lads from various Scottish clubs who were previously enemies came together for a demo.”
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Scottish star’s roots connected to President Obama

Daisy ChuteBy Alexander Lawrie

A SCOTTISH singing star has discovered she is related to US President Barack Obama – while recording an album inspired by her relative’s rise to fame.

Daisy Chute, 20, from Musselburgh, East Lothian, is a member of the modern classical girl group All Angels and has been delighted to find out she is related to one of the most powerful men in the world.

The pretty vocalist was recording her group’s third album, Fly Away, which features a rich musical history of America, when her mum informed her of the amazing coincidence.

Ms Chute’s family is also related to former-presidents George Washington, James Madison and Zachary Taylor, although they’ve known about those connections for many years.

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Bob Dylan visits John Lennon’s home


LEGENDARY musician Bob Dylan mingled un-noticed with Beatles fans while visiting John Lennon’s childhood home.

The Blowin in the Wind star went unrecognised as he casually strolled around the Liverpool semi-detached house where the former-Beatle grew up with his aunt Mimi and uncle George.

And the US folk musician was said to be “enthralled” as he lingered in the bedroom Lennon is said to have written some of the Fab Four’s earliest hits.

Dylan, 67, was in Liverpool as part of his Never Ending Tour, which he first began in 1988.

He told the house’s curator that Lennon’s upbringing was similar to his own.

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250 bottles of whisky for Burns’ birthday

By Cara Sulieman
RECEIVING a bottle of whisky for your birthday is not unusual – but one famous Scot has had 250 bottles made especially for him.

Famous Grouse have created the special edition bottles to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns’ birth and Homecoming 2009.

The bottles, one to signify each year since his birth, will be given to Burns Suppers across the globe and auctioned off for charity.

John Byrne and his drawing of Robert Burns which adorns the new Famous Grouse bottles.

John Byrne and his drawing of Robert Burns which adorns the new Famous Grouse bottles.


As well as containing a 37-year-old blended malt whisky, the bottles are decorated with a drawing of the famous bard by John Byrne, a Scottish artist and playwright.

Byrne has created album artwork for stars such as The Beatles, making him almost as famous as the bard himself.

He said: “It is an honour as a Scottish writer and artist, to create a picture to adorn the bottle commemorating Scotland’s National Poet. It is fantastic to see that 250 years on Robert Burns’ legacy is still being celebrated both at home and abroad.”

The bottles are a major part of the World Famous Burns Supper Celebration, where groups from around the world can register their Burns Supper plans and let others know what they’re getting up to.

They are also hoping to achieve a new World Record for the most Burns suppers ever held.

Once registered, the groups can then apply to get one of the special bottles to auction off at their event, raising money for a worthy cause.

As a group the bottles are valued at £400, but it is hoped that they can raise more than £10,000 for charity.

There are around 1,500 events already registered on, including celebrations from all corners of the world.

Verve Single Going For A Song

The Verve Single - Snakeskin

By Alexander Lawrie

FANS OF T IN THE PARK favourites The Verve have a chance to own a little piece of the band’s history.

A seven inch single of the indie group’s song Snakeskin is up for sale for an incredible £5,750 on eBay.

The single is just one of a host of Verve rarities being sold on the popular auction site.

All of the rare memorabilia was once owned by the band’s manager Dave Halliwell, claims the anonymous seller.

Advertised as the “rarest Verve record of all”, the little seven inch piece of plastic is one of the most expensive records of all time.

The seller claims the single is one of only five ever produced and is so rare even the most ardent Verve fans are unaware of its existence.

Copies were handed out to the four band members and their manager Dave Halliwell as a Christmas present by Hut Records in 1992.

The track was recorded as part of the infamous ‘She’s A Superstar’ sessions at Sir Richard Branson’s Manor Studios in Oxford.

The 7” is a one sided pressing and the labels on both sides are entirely blank.

All five copies of the ultra-rare single came with a pseudo-psychedelic colour photocopy of the band members – and the copy for sale is complete with a letter from Dave Halliwell outlining the record’s history and authenticity.

The Verve Single - Snakeskin

The track Snakeskin was inspired by the Rolling Stones tune C***sucker Blues. As the Stones’ single was chosen to anger bosses at Decca Records, the track was refused and only released later on a West German compilation in 1983.

Verve fan Fraser Wood, 43, from Musselburgh, said: “This is the holy grail for Verve fans. Snakeskin has been talked about for years by hardcore Verve fans, but I didn’t really think it would ever come up for sale.

“If money was no object I would definitely buy it because I’m such a big Verve enthusiast, but it’s so far out of my price range.”

A spokesman for rare record specialists Music and Video said: “This is an incredible price for a single and I’ve never heard of a Verve single commanding such a fee.

“In the past we’ve sold Beatles albums for a four figure sum, and original copies of God Save the Queen by The Sex Pistols have sold for anything up to £10,000. But for a contemporary band this is unheard of.

“I don’t think even an Oasis single has sold for that much, but I suppose it’s only worthy what somebody is prepared to pay for it.”

After splitting in 1999, The Verve reformed in 2007 to play a host of festivals including Scotland’s premier music event, T in the Park.