Holiday ruined after mum dies of long-term kidney condition

By Christine Lavelle

THE funeral of a mum who died tragically on a family holiday is to be held tomorrow (Fri), in her hometown of Dunfermline.

Karen McArthur, 40, passed away a day into her Corfu holiday, after battling severe kidney problems for her whole life.

The day she died was coincidentally 20 years to the day since meeting her husband Gordon, with whom she had seven-year-old Adam and helped to raise Marie, 27, Gordon’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Karen’s dad, Alex Anderson, said: “She had had this period in hospital and felt they all needed a break and that it would do them all good.

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Bullseye’s Bowen tells Edinburgh, “Let’s play darts”

By Michael MacLeod

LEGENDARY darts gameshow Bullseye is set for a comeback this summer – complete with original presenter Jim Bowen.

The 72 year-old presenter is in talks to resurrect the cult show for two weeks at the Edinburgh Fringe.

He wants to get stars from the comedy festival to join in on stage and promises the star prizes will be as bizarre as ever.

His 15 years on the show were shunned by Sky bosses when they recently brought back the darts contest without him.

But Bowen told weekend reports: “We’re in negotiations with the man who owns the rights to the show and we plan to do it as close to the real thing as possible.”
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Sir Robin blasts SFA for no Team GB

By Cara Sulieman

THE SCOTS-BORN mayor of the London borough hosting the 2012 Olympics has blasted the SFA for blocking a British football team.

Sir Robin Wales is furious that there won’t be a UK team taking part in the football tournament saying it would be the only way for Scotland to “be in with a chance of qualifying for something”.

The Kilmarnock supporter is the civic head of Newham, where most of the Olympics main venues are based, including the athletes’ village.

Speaking about the decision to only have English players in the British team, the 55-year-old said: “It may not be popular with everyone but why not have a British football team?

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Baby pygmy hippo at Edinburgh Zoo thrills visitors

By Oliver Farrimond

A NEW arrival at Edinburgh Zoo is thrilling visitors – a miniature hippopotamus.

Little Leisha – which means “gift” in West African – is a pygmy hippo, the pint-sized cousin of the gargantuan beast that lives in the rivers of sub-Saharan Africa.

Born on 9 June, the tiny arrival is the 16th baby hippo to be born at the zoo in 30 years.

Darren McGarry, animal collection manager at Edinburgh Zoo, said that the pygmy hippo baby was an exciting addition to the zoo’s menagerie.

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Obama tops the polls again

By Cara Sulieman

US PRESIDENT Barack Obama is the person most Scots kids would choose to go on holiday with.

They were asked who would be the “most fun” celebrity holiday companion and Obama roared to victory for a second time with the youngsters.

He was the only politician on the list, which was the result of a Travelodge poll asking children what they wanted for their summer holiday.

Other than the victorious president, the list is populated by an array of stars of kid’s programmes and films.

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Horse treadmill saves the day

Peter Scott and Sharon Anderson in the new treadmill

Peter Scott and Sharon Anderson in the new treadmill

By Cara Sulieman

HORSES at an agricultural college caused a rift after they ruined prime farmland – so staff bought them a treadmill.

The 25 horses at Oatridge college were let loose on the estate and stampeded over the pasture land, much to the fury of the farming department.

Peter Scott, head of agriculture and farming at the college, was furious to see what they had done to his grass – and went to war with the equine department.

But now bosses at the college have purchased the treadmill in the hope that the two factions can get along better once it’s installed.

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