Student raises money for Help for Heroes

A SCOTS student has set up the UK’s first ever university society in support of the Help for Heroes campaign.

Seonaid Holsgrove, 21, from Wemyss Bay, is in her final year at Strathclyde University and set up the movement to help raise money.

She was spurred into action by anti-war protests and groups at the university against troop activities, and she wanted to do something to show that there is support for the forces.

Ahead of today’s Remembrance Sunday services, she said: “On campus it feels quite anti-war and anti-soldiers.“A Navy recruitment team came to the university and they had to leave because of the protests.

“The society is to give people like me an outlet and let people know that there is place supporting the guys.”

A stall was set up in the university last Monday to attract more members to the group which managed to raise £223.40 in donations.

The group has also organised a charity army pub crawl and is planning a black tie ball with the “I love my heroes” theme for Valentine’s Day. Continue reading

Scottish soldiers join forces with Afghan National Police

2 Scots joined forces with the Afghan National Police to drive out insurgants

SCOTTISH soldiers joined forces with the Afghan National Police to claim back a huge part of the country from the Taleban.

In just a few hours they drove out insurgents, arrested key leaders of the terrorist group and seized a massive haul of drugs and weapons.

Operation ZMARAY SARAK 5 saw three security forces come together, including the 2 Scots the Royal Highland Fusiliers.

Three drugs runners were captured along with 250 kilogrammes of heroin in the first part of the process to clear the area around Lashkar Gah in Helmand Province.

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Soldiers march through Edinburgh after six months in Afghanistan

By Amanda MacMillan


AN emotional tear was shed by many as the troops from 1SCOTS marched through Colinton in Edinburgh last Friday ahead of a march down Edinburgh’s Royal Mile last Saturday.

Onlookers lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the soldiers who have just returned from a six-month tour in Afghanistan.

Lynne Fell, from Edinburgh, came out to see the troops with her mum who is just out of hospital. She said: “It’s just so important to support the guys who have just come back.

 “The tissues have had to come out. I found the whole thing so emotional and just loved everything about it. I’m just so grateful for what they are doing for us.” Continue reading

Car salesmen have the least respected profession in Scotland

By Christine Lavelle

CAR salesmen have been revealed as having the least respected profession in Scotland, sharing the bottom spot with bankers in a recent opinion poll.

Only 16 per cent of the general public said they had “a great deal of respect” for the salesmen, who often carry a reputation for being ‘too pushy’.

The information comes from an online public opinion poll, conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion in London, and asked almost 2,000 adults at random across Great Britain their thoughts on 25 career categories.

John McGuire, managing director of Phoenix Car Company in Glasgow, has 36 years experience selling cars, and said he is shocked to hear the results. Continue reading

Killer soldier back in dock

By Paul Thornton

A KILLER soldier behind the death of a young holiday rep in Cyprus which led to British troops being banned from an island has appeared in court after breaking the terms of an order to inform police of his movements.

Justin Fowler, 42, along with fellow former Royal Green Jackets Allan Ford and Geoff Pernell kidnapped and tried to rape Louise Jensen before bludgeoning her to death with an army spade and burying her naked body in September 1994.

The 23-year-old’s battered body – which suffered 15 blows by from the weapon – had to be identified from a silver ring on her finger.

The killing of the Danish tour guide outraged locals and British troops were banned from the resort of Ayia Napa in the wake of the incident.

Despite refusing to give evidence at the trial in 1996, the three men were handed life sentences after being convicted of abduction, conspiracy to rape and manslaughter.

They claimed they were too drunk to know what they were doing. Continue reading

Proud mum welcomes back soldier son

By Paul Thornton

A PROUD mum has spoken at her relief of seeing her soldier son return home safe and sound from Afghanistan this week – as she prepares to wave her other boy off to the same deadly war zone.

Linda Wight, 59, welcomed home son Chris after the 28-year-old came back with B Company 1 Scots as part of the 3 Rifles Battle Group which has just endured the bloodiest losses since the start of the campaign.

Chris returned just before the last of the battle group arrived home last Wednesday, with the force suffering 30 losses during their six month tour.

It was the SIXTH time Linda has welcomed a son home, with Chris also completing two earlier tours of Iraq and older brother Neil having come back from three visits to the Gulf.

But –with uncertainty hanging over where Catterick based Corporal Neil, 33, will be posted next – Linda insists that it never becomes any easier to say goodbye to her boys.

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Mum of slain paratrooper presented with Elizabeth Cross

By Paul Thornton

THE MUM of a fallen Scots paratrooper spoke of her overwhelming pride at being presented with an Elizabeth Cross in his memory on Friday night.

Jem Wright, 58, told how helping comfort other soldiers through the post-traumatic stress of war has helped keep her son Mark alive in their hearts.

Hero Mark, 27, of 3 Para, was killed while trying to save the lives of his fellow soldiers on September 6, 2006, when they were trapped in an Afghan minefield.

The Dalkeith man was posthumously awarded the George Cross for gallantry after trying to divert a Chinook helicopter away from the site, dying in an explosion triggered by the downdraft of the massive aerial machine.

Now his memory lives on through the Mark Wright Project – set up by his mum Jem and dad Bobby – who together have become something of surrogate parents for scores of shattered squaddies struggling to adapt back to Civvy street. Continue reading