Soldier’s son needs his own helmet

Chantelle Rees with Tyler who needs a special helmet

By Cara Sulieman

A SERVING soldier’s wife has launched an appeal after being told the NHS won’t pay for a special helmet for their baby son.

Tyler Rees – whose dad Stefan is currently in Afghanistan – has two types of flat head syndrome, leaving both the back and the side of his head misshapen.

And his mother Chantelle, 22, now has to raise the £2,000 it costs for a helmet which could protect his soft skull and stop it from becoming more misshapen.

The baby’s case is unusual as Tyler suffers from both brachycephaly and plagiocephaly types of the condition.

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Soldier’s brother “heartbroken” over death

By Cara Sulieman

THE “heartbroken” brother of tragic soldier Christopher O’Kane said that his brother was an “amazing guy” today.

Michael O’Kane, 28, explained how his younger brother had cheated death many times before the accident at the weekend and said his premature death made “no sense”.

And Christopher’s ex-fiancee spoke about how the 26-year-old was dedicated to his family, including his 17-month-old goddaughter.

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Sister of soldier Christopher O’Kane pays tribute

Christopher O'Kane with his girlfriend Laura Walker

By Cara Sulieman

THE heartbroken sister of tragic soldier Christopher O’Kane paid a touching tribute to her brother today.

Krystyle O’Kane wrote a poem for her 26-year-old brother who died from the head injuries he suffered after falling during a pedicab ride in Edinburgh at the weekend.

And she revealed that their mother, Helen O’Kane, also died in a road accident 16 years ago.

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Tribute to soldier who died after rickshaw fall

By Cara Sulieman and Rory Reynolds

FRIENDS and family have paid tribute to an off-duty soldier who died after a fall from a bicycle rickshaw while on a night out to celebrate his birthday.

Chris O’Kane was on Easter leave in when he suffered severe head injuries after a freak fall in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The 26-year-old died in hospital in Edinburgh on Monday morning with his family at his bedside.

Last night his shocked auntie Georgina Naylor described him as an “angel” and a “hero” who had survived the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Kitchin helps out army chefs in the kitchen

Tom Kitchin flips sausage to help raise money

By Cara Sulieman

SCOTLAND’S youngest Michelin star chef Tom Kitchin was recruited by hero soldiers from 3 Rifles yesterday – to help cook up a storm in a supermarket to raise money in memory of their fallen colleagues.

Kitchin helped the combat chefs dish up tasty breakfast rolls to customers at Tesco in Colinton, Edinburgh – proving it’s not just an Army that marches on its stomachs.

The battalion want to build a memorial garden at Redford Barracks so that they have somewhere to go to remember the 20 soldiers from their regiment who have so far died in Afghanistan.

And with a constant stream of hungry customers despite yesterday’s miserable weather, they were bang on course to raising the £2,500 target for the day.

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New Scots deployment “raring to go” to Afghanistan

By Michael MacLeod

SCOTLAND will send 1,000 troops to Afghanistan over the next six months, it was announced today (Thursday).

The massive deployment will see regiments from every corner of the country jetting out to join NATO operations in Helmand province.

While the new battalion was said to be “raring to go,” the current band of Scots troops sweating out the final weeks of their deployment will be marching on their stomachs thanks to a big hearted ex-soldier.

To coincide with the latest troop deployment, Ali Sutherland arranged a special delivery to the Royal Scots Guards in Afghanistan.
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Adventure seekers sign up for army

By Cara Sulieman

FED UP ex-office workers seeking an adventure break from their day jobs were among 1,000 new army recruits unveiled at Dreghorn Barracks yesterday (Weds).

As the force celebrated a 30 per-cent enrolment boost, many of the new troops said they joined to escape the monotony of normal jobs.

Head of the recruitment drive Brigadier David Allfrey said the new soldiers had “a desire for an edgy life, to crave something exciting.”

Among them was Glasgow’s Anthony Murray, who was inspired to enlist after watching Ross Kemp in Afghanistan and seeing coffins coming back from war.

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