Police hunting pair caught on CCTV in connection with Bannatyne’s shooting

By Christine Lavelle

POLICE probing the shooting of a man outside an Edinburgh health club have revealed they are looking for two suspects in connection with the attack.

Robert Kelbie, 27, a well known property developer in the city, was gunned down outside Bannatyne’s Health Club on Wednesday, 20 October.

He managed to run into the club in Newcraighall and was taken to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh before discharging himself the same evening.

A silver Vauxhall Vectra car was reportedly seen speeding away from the scene moments later, and police believe they recovered it the following morning in a private car park off West Bryson Road. Continue reading

Police dismiss link between Bannatyne’s shooting and ‘gangland’ crime

By Christine Lavelle

POLICE probing a shooting in Edinburgh warned they will not tolerate any “gangland” style feud in the city.

Detectives today tried to play down such a possibility after Robert Kelbie, 27, a controversial property developer, was gunned down outside Bannatyne’s Health Club last Wednesday.

A grey or silver Vauxhall Vectra was seen speeding away from the scene moments later.

He managed to run into the club in Newcraighall and was taken to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh before discharging himself the same evening.

The incident was thought to be connected to second attack on 44-year-old Mark Richardson in Portobello just hours later, when a group of men set upon the victim with baseball bats. Continue reading

Demarco shot in head “over son’s £1m gambling debt”

By Paul Thornton

A BUSINESSMAN was gunned down on the steps of a casino over the £1m plus gambling debts of his high-flying financier son, a court has heard.

Tony Demarco, 64, was blasted in the back of the head as he stood on the steps of the Gala Maybury Casino in Edinburgh on June 3, 2008.

Four men have been jailed over the attempted slaying but the motive behind the hit has remained a mystery.

But today (Tuesday) a court was told the attack came in retribution for the unpaid debts of Mr Demarco’s son, Antony, to loan sharks covering his gambling losses.

The revelations about the motive behind the notorious attack came as Antony admitted a £1m fraud against two companies.

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Bullet Found After “Warning Shot” At House

By Michael MacLeod and Shaun Milne

A BULLET recovered by police at the scene of a drive by shooting could hold vital clues in tracking down who was behind the incident.

Detectives are probing the shot fired at an address in Dalkeith, Midlothian, at around 11.25pm on Wednesday.

Damage caused by the bullet could be seen at the home of George Rae, 39, who police sources say was also the target of recent threats made at the start of the month.

The blast left his neighbours in Woodburn Avenue shocked, with many last night saying a feud had been bubbling under for some time.
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BREAKING NEWS: Caroline Igoe guilty of boyfriend’s murder

By Paul Thornton

A WOMAN was has been found guilty of shooting her boyfriend in the head, killing him on his doorstep.

Wannabe model Caroline Igoe today (Friday) was convicted of the murder of Martyn Barclay.

Her brother Paul was cleared of the killing but found guilty of trying to cover up the slaying.

A jury of nine women and six men took four hours to unanimously find Caroline guilty of murder, possession of a firearm and attempting to defeat the ends of justice.
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Jock’s Lodge shooting

Jock's Lodge on London Road

By Cara Sulieman

ANGRY residents are calling for an Edinburgh pub to be shut down after two men walked in and shot a man in the leg at the weekend.

The 24-year-old was rushed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary after the attack in Jock’s Lodge pub on London Road on Sunday night.

He was released this (Mon) morning after being treated for his wounds.

Police are looking for two men in connection with the shooting and said that the pub would be closed for “some considerable time”.

This (Mon) morning it was still sealed off as police worked inside the bar area.

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Mumbai massacre survivor relives hotel bloodbath

By Michael MacLeod

THE sole Scots survivor of the Mumbai massacre says he feared “certain death” while trapped in his hotel room for two days.

In a business trip that clashed with an Islamic terror group’s co-ordinated raid of Indian hotels, Roger Hunt, 43, was moments from becoming one of the 170 dead.

Speaking at the weekend in his first interview about the siege, the Royal Bank of Scotland manager told of how he escaped a shower of bullets.

He had just left the Oberoi Hotel’s restaurant when gunmen burst in and “sprayed bullets” at the very table he had eaten dinner at.
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