Ben Fogle still “chasing memories” of Taransay

By Cara Sulieman

TV PRESENTER Ben Fogle today revealed the reason he keeps stretching himself is because he is still “chasing memories” of his time in the Outer Hebrides.

He said that the reason he keeps setting himself mammoth challenges is because he misses his time on Taransay, where he was marooned with 35 other people for the BBC show Castaway 2000.

The Country Tracks presenter was speaking ahead of his next expedition where he will cycle 3,000 miles from Canada to Mexico with friend and fellow adventurer James Cracknell.

And he said it was shaping up to be the hardest challenge he has done since his time on Taransay.

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New clues in Da Vinci Code’s Rosslyn Chapel

By Oliver Farrimond

NEW evidence has been unearthed which hints at undiscovered treasure in an iconic Scottish church.
Rosslyn Chappel
A new Da Vinci Code-style book published by Scottish symbologist Ashley Cowie has brought to light a hidden staircase in Rosslyn Chapel, Edinburgh.

The 15th century church has been the subject of speculation over its hidden secrets since the publication of the Da Vinci Code, and some believe the chapel even hides the famous Holy Grail.

And in his book “The Rosslyn Templar”, 36-year-old author Cowie has noticed a detail in a painting from 1836 that could lead to more answers.

The pastel painting of a Templar Knight inside the church features a hidden stairwell which is missing from the modern chapel.

The Wick-born symbologist said: “The book systematically examines the carved symbols and designs that some authors point to evidence of Templar symbology within the chapel and reveals them to be common symbols in everyday Christianity.
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Website helps rich love cheats cover up affair

By Cara Sulieman

FAT CAT love cheats can get a helping hand to keep their illicit affair a secret by a Scottish security team. provides services like faking hotel receipts and travelling tickets to provide cover stories to people leading a double life.

It is all designed to make a passionate weekend away seem like a mundane conference or fishing trip.

A spokeswoman for the secretive Glasgow-based firm said they were constantly updating their techniques to stay ahead of the game.

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Oprah Winfrey’s secret tour of Susan Boyle’s home

boyletva-largeBy Michael MacLeod

A TV crew was given an exclusive guided tour of Susan Boyle’s house yesterday – for the Oprah Winfrey show.

Footage from inside her modest council house in Blackburn, West Lothian, will be beamed to millions of viewers across America when singing sensation Susan is interview by the Queen of American TV.

The US chat show host has had the Scottish spinster on her radar ever since her stunning performance on Britain’s Got Talent.

And yesterday she began to make good her promise of featuring the Scot by having a camera team film a day in the surprise singing sensation’s life.

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