Sheriff slams EDL member’s fight bid during demo

By Michael MacLeod

A FAR-right English Defence League supporter who travelled to Edinburgh looking for a fight during an anti-Nazi demonstration has been fined £500.

Scott Buchan tried to break through a human barrier of police officers guarding a 2,000 people-strong march by the anti-fascist group Scotland United.

The 23 year-old was arrested for breach of the peace on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile last month and spent two nights in police cells.

Sheriff Frank Crowe hit out at Englishman Buchan today (Thursday) for stirring up trouble in “a tense situation.”

He told him: “We have enough trouble in this city without you coming up and causing trouble.”
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Scottish Defence League plan next protest

SDL members penned in the pub on Saturday

By Cara Sulieman

ANGRY Scottish Defence League (SDL) organisers are already planning their next gathering in Scotland after attempts to stage a protest in Edinburgh at the weekend failed.

But the group has been hit by infighting over Saturday’s embarrassment with some members convinced “spies” fed information to the police and anti-fascist protestors.

Yesterday they announced that they will hold what they claimed would be a “respectful vigil” in Lockerbie.

They claim the March 27 gathering will be in protest against Kenny MacAskill, who they have branded a “traitor”, saying that the Justice Secretary denied the SDL freedom of speech.

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Five arrests as Scottish Defence League driven out by police

By Michael MacLeod and Cara Sulieman

FIVE people were arrested as neo-Nazis came face to face with anti-fascist activists in Edinburgh at the weekend.

A ring of 700 police officers had to close streets to keep the rival demonstrations from clashing, bringing the capital to a standstill.

They penned around 40 Scottish Defence League members into a pub opposite the Scottish Parliament while Scotland United Against Racism and Fascism held an anti-Nazi demo at the top of the Royal Mile.

But a flashpoint saw around 100 people break away from the peaceful protest and running towards the pub, resulting in a four-hour stand-off.
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Police brace themselves for violent clashes

By Cara Sulieman

POLICE are on stand-by for possible violent clashes between thousands of right wing extremists and anti fascist protesters this weekend.

Anti racist campaigners are expected to march in numbers through the streets of Edinburgh on Saturday in protest against the Scottish Defence League (SDL).

The SDL plans to hold a gathering in Edinburgh on the same day, but details have so far been shrouded in secrecy. SDL is the Scottish branch of the so called English Defence League formed in response to Islamic protests against soldiers’ homecoming parades.

Police have been preparing for weeks after previous similar gatherings across the UK ended in serious violence sparking real fears of a potential repeat in Edinburgh.

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Violence feared as Scottish Defence League march on Edinburgh

By Oliver Farrimond

A PLANNED march by a hard-line anti-Muslim hate group has sparked fears of violence on the streets of Scotland’s Capital.

The Scottish Defence League is planning a demonstration in Edinburgh on February 20th to protest against “Islamic extremism”.

And anti-fascist campaigners have said that Lothian and Borders Police should prevent the march from taking place to avoid dangerous clashes.

A spokesman for the Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Alliance said: “The SDL are a fairly violent organisation – hopefully the police will recognise this and prevent the march.

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Anti-extremists vow to march on Edinburgh

MEMBERS of the anti-Islam Scottish Defence League are planning a second protest in Scotland after claiming their Glasgow march was a “success”.

And they are targeting Edinburgh for their next outing, saying they plan to march on the capital in the new year.

Just around 50 members of the controversial group made it to Glasgow last Saturday, with many claiming they had been warned off by Strathclyde police.

But despite being outnumbered by a counter-march celebrating the diversity of Scotland, the group have declared the outing a victory.

A report on the protest, on the Casuals United website, said: “Glasgow demo a big success – over 120 lads from various Scottish clubs who were previously enemies came together for a demo.”
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Right-wing group to stage anti-Islam protest in Glasgow

By Cara Sulieman

A RIGHT-WING anti-Muslim group responsible for violent protests in England plan on bringing their hate filled campaign to the streets of Scotland next month.

The English Defence League, which was started by football casuals in Luton, has now spawned its own Scottish branch who plan on making their debut with a protest in Glasgow.

It is feared the Scottish Defence League could be joined by members travelling up by bus or train to help swell their numbers on November 14.

Plans of a rival protest march against racism in Glasgow on the same day have also emerged.

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