Dog left tied up with washing line

By Amanda MacMillan

A DOG who was cruelly left tied to a tree with a washing line could have died in the freezing conditions – say an animal welfare charity.

The staffordshire bull terrier, who has been named Rex by Scottish SPCA staff, was left near a quiet footpath in Bathgate with the line tied around his neck.

The charity was called by a local dog warden to collect the abandoned dog on Monday.

SSPCA inspector Jenni Surgeon said that it was luck that the dog was found: “The dog had been abandoned in a quiet area so it was lucky that someone spotted him when they did, otherwise he could have perished in the freezing conditions.

“The washing line was tied directly round his neck rather than attached to a collar, which could have seriously harmed him if he hadn’t been found. It could have got tighter and tighter and caused injury. Continue reading

Scottish SPCA look to rehome 300 zebra finches

By Christine Lavelle

ANIMAL rescuers are in a real flap after being tasked with finding new homes for 300 birds – after their owner became too ill to care for them.

The Scottish SPCA are now looking after the flock of colourful zebra finches at their re-homing centre at Balerno on the outskirts of Edinburgh after their owner from Fife had to give them up.

All are said to be in fine health – but welfare chiefs admit they have a real task on their hands.

Senior Inspector Steven Gray said: “The lady contacted us when, for health reasons, she became unable to continue her passion for her birds. Continue reading

Hours-old puppy found abandoned in street

By Andrea McCallum

A NEWBORN puppy has been saved from death after it was found abandoned in the street.

The hours-old black female was discovered by a passer-by who alerted animal welfare officers to the freezing pup.

And now the tiny dog – who was still in her birth sack when rescued – is fighting for her life whilst in the care of the Scottish SPCA in Edinburgh.

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Lucky black cat finds rescue centre

By Andrea McCallum

A LUCKY black cat managed to find an animal rescue centre with its head wedged in a can of food.

The disorientated moggy was discovered by Scottish SPCA staff in Middlebank, Fife, on Sunday morning.

And the hungry female feline – who had tried its luck with an empty can of cat food – was freed from the restricting blindfold.

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Mountain hare found hopping down high street

The hare being released back into the wild

By Cara Sulieman

A MOUNTAIN hare found on a high street in the snow has been released back into the wild after being treated for concussion.

A concerned passer-by called the Scottish SPCA after finding the animal hopping along Lauder High Street in Berwickshire.

Confused and out of his natural habitat, the animal was sporting his white winter camouflage.

Ambulance driver Mairi Stewart, who picked him up, thought he might have been concussed and that might be why he was found on the busy road.

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Dog sex video man spared prison spell

By Michael MacLeod

A MAN who twice filmed himself having sex with his dog has been put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for two years.

John Kerr, 30, has also been banned from keeping animals as pets without permission from social workers.

He was caught when he left his mobile phone – containing videos of the disgusting attacks – behind a couch at a friend’s flat in Edinburgh’s Kirk Street.

The clips were reported to police, who told Scottish SPCA officers to seize the Staffordshire bull terrier from Kerr.

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Pup left to die in shopping bag

By Andrea McCallum

A TINY puppy was left to die in freezing temperatures after being dumped in a plastic bag.

The six-week-old female crossbreed was found shivering in a snow-covered field by a dog walker in Catrine, Ayrshire.

Luckily the dog walker’s pet sniffed out the lonely pup inside a Farmfoods carrier bag on Monday afternoon.

And now the pooch – renamed Katie – is in the hands of Glasgow Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre and is expected to make a full recovery.

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