Man asleep while pan of food catches fire in flat

A DOZY diner had a lucky escape when he was saved by his neighbour’s fire alarm in the flat upstairs after he fell asleep while cooking a snack.

The 24-year-old was out for the count when smoke began belching from his kitchen in Bothwell Street in Edinburgh around 5am.

No fire alarm was fitted in his own home.

But the blaze tripped the detector in the house upstairs and his neighbours alerted the fire brigade while trying to wake him. Continue reading

Firefighters visit Edinburgh’s children’s hospital

Crew members from the Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service paid a visit to some of the patients at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children Edinburgh to highlight the dangers associated with bonfire night.

Bar that claimed Ewan Williamson’s life to reopen

The Balmoral Bar after the fire last July

By Cara Sulieman

THE BAR where firefighter Ewan Williamson died tackling a blaze is to be rebuilt and may even house a tribute to the fallen hero.

Plans have been submitted to restore the Balmoral Bar on Dalry Road in Edinburgh almost a year after a fire gutted the building and claimed Ewen’s life.

The owner – Trust Inns – plans to keep the old design and have held discussions about whether or not to place a plaque in memory of 35-year-old Ewan.

He had been with Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service for seven years when he died rescuing people from a blaze at the pub on July 12 last year.

Although around 20 people – including a baby – were evacuated from the building, Ewan tragically lost his life – the first Edinburgh based firefighter to die whilst battling a blaze in living memory.

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Widescreen World Cup Warning Over TV Kids Crush Threat

By Michael MacLeod

WORLD Cup fans are being warned to be on their guard over the dangers flat-screen televisions pose to children.

Super slim TVs have surged in popularity, with sales expected to increase further in the countdown to the biggest show on earth.

But with South Africa 2010 tournament almost upon us, health and safety chiefs fear they could have a tragic knock-on effect. Continue reading

Susan urged to move out of home

Susan returns to her home on Wednesday morning after the scare

By Cara Sulieman

DESPITE vowing never to move from her humble home, Susan Boyle is being pressured by family and friends to quit her council house in favour for somewhere with more security.

Simon Cowell has joined her brothers, Gerry and John, in voicing his concerns over the Britain’s Got Talent star’s safety.

They are worried about the star after an intruder broke into her home on Tuesday night where she confronted them after returning from London.

The youth fled, and police are still trying to find out who was responsible for the attack.

But the star vowed she wouldn’t move from the house she grew up in, even though this wasn’t the first safety scare she’s had.

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Expert claims gap may have led to toddler’s death

By Andrea McCallum

A SAFETY expert claimed a decision to increase the gap in an office balcony by just 5cm may have led to the tragic death of a 21-month-old boy.

Leanne Hunter said if the gap had been 10cm – as originally planned – little Ben McCreath would not have fallen through.

Ben’s mother Louise watched in horror as her son plunged 15-feet to his death from the first floor of Edinburgh’s Princes Exchange building.

She had been visiting her office – where she works as a part-time receptionist – with Ben on her day off on Valentine’s Day, 2006.

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Architect grilled over balcony gap after Ben’s tragic fall

DIGNIFIED: Ben's parents Ross and Louise leave court

By Michael MacLeod

THE grieving family of a toddler who tragically fell to his death through a gap in a balcony at his mother’s office have been told there was “no reason” for the gap to be there.

Little Ben McCreath was just 21-months old when he plunged 15-feet to his death from the first floor of Edinburgh’s Princes Exchange building, where his mother Louise worked as a part-time receptionist.

Today (Friday) she and husband Ross watched on tearfully during the second day of evidence at a Fatal Accident Inquiry into their son’s death.

They heard the building’s architect Mark McPhillips admitting he made changes to the original building plans, which ultimately proved fatal for Ben.
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