Suffering dog found at roadside

The sick dog at the vets before it was sadly put down

By Cara Sulieman

ANIMAL welfare chiefs were last night investigating why a suffering dog was left wandering a Scots street to die.

The animal was rushed to vet surgeons for emergency after being found on a roadside in West Lothian.

But the dog was in such a bad state she couldn’t be saved despite receiving urgent treatment for dehydration and vomiting and diarrhoea.

Her coat was particularly badly affected, with her rear covered in matted faeces.

The Scottish SPCA were called in after a passer by found the animal next to the road in Strathlogie, Westfield.

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Men face court after car falls through ice on canal

The car plunged through the ice on the Union Canal

By Cara Sulieman

TWO men face court after narrowly cheating death by allegedly driving along a frozen CANAL in a car.

Police blasted them as “stupid” after their vehicle broke through ice on the Union Canal in West Lothian plunging the pair into the freezing water and sparking a rescue operation.

It is alleged hapless driver and his passenger was motoring along the frozen canal near Winchburgh on Monday afternoon when the ice gave way and his Peugeot 406 plunged into the icy water.

The men are alleged to have driven down a slip road off the B8046 near junction two of the M9 that leads to a popular picnic and dog walking spot by the water, before edging on to the ice.

The black Peugeot got about half a mile down the canal before the fragile ice gave way and the front of the car smashed into the water.

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Scot who left legacy to places that shared his name a “misunderstanding”

By Cara Sulieman

HE HIT headlines across the world when it was revealed he left his legacy to places across the globe that shared his surname.

But the claims baffled the solicitors of Eric Gordon Douglas – the mysterious Edinburgh philanthropist – as his will doesn’t show any such bequests.

It seems that the heart-warming story of generosity started after one of the beneficiaries misunderstood the terms of their donation.

Douglas Borough Council on the Isle of Man was bequeathed £10,887.73 and somehow thought that they were amoung 20 places around the world named Douglas that had benefited from his will.

The bachelor used to holiday on the Isle of Man and left money to the council, a museum and an old folks home on the island.

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Elderly dog abandoned by road side


Doris who was dumped at the road side

By Cara Sulieman

AN ELDERLY dog which narrowly missed being run over by a lorry after being heartlessly dumped at the side of the road refused to budge for rescuers – hoping its owners would come back.

A passing motorist spotted the dog – dubbed Doris – just two miles from the Scottish SPCA rehoming centre in Mellerstain in the Scottish Borders.

She was seen wandering worriedly up and down the side of the road between Gordon and Greenlaw, dodging cars and barking as she waited for her owner to come back.

At first, the loyal pooch refused to get into the Good Samaritan’s car.

But she was eventually coaxed into the warm and taken to the charity’s centre where she was checked over.

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Puppies found dead at roadside

The four pups were found at a roadside

The four pups were found at a roadside

 By Cara Sulieman

A LITTER of young puppies have been found dead at the side of the road after being heartlessly thrown from a speeding car.

One of the pups was found lying on a country road between Markinch and Star by a passing cyclist.

The Scottish SPCA received a call from the distressed woman at around 7pm on Thursday.

When they arrived to investigate the grisly scene they discovered not one – but four dead puppies in total.

A black bag was found hanging from a bush.

The charity fears that whoever dumped the helpless animals threw them out of a car window as they drove past.

Three of the young dogs – thought to be between three and four weeks old – were black and tan, and the fourth was all white.

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Poorly pooch gets new loving home

Skye with owner Julie McElhinney

Skye with owner Julie McElhinney

By Cara Sulieman

A DOG with a rare eating disease has finally found a loving new home – after being put on display by desperate animal workers at the Royal Highland Show.

Blue merle collie Skye suffers a rare condition that means she finds it difficult to eat and needs to take daily medication.

The charity took her in when her previous owner couldn’t cope with the illness and the 18-month-old pooch was almost half the weight she should have been.

She had always attracted initial interest from visitors to the Scottish SPCA kennels.

But potential owners were put off by her medical history.

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Posties bite back against vicious dogs


SCOTS posties are biting back against aggressive dogs after being armed with a new weapon to protect them.

The Bite-Back spray is a new device being handed out to Royal Mail delivery staff in their daily battles against their canine foes.

The peppermint-type spray is designed to stop the animal’s instinct to bite during an attack.

Around 300 dog attacks against postal workers were recorded by the Royal Mail last year.

And Scottish Power has also decided to hand out the new devices to its meter readers.

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