Schoolboy flashed women before pulling down their leggings

By Cara Sulieman

A SICK schoolboy flashed at two women in their 20s – before trying to pull down one of their leggings.

Mohammad Sohaib, 16, started following the girls as they walked down Gordon Street in Edinburgh before grabbing one of them on the bum and asking her “why do people not like to have sex in this country?”

The teenager then exposed himself to both women before trying to pull down the leggings of the other girl.

Today at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, Sohaib pled guilty to two charges of assault and one of public indecency on February 15 this year.

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Harrods boss to build luxury homes in Highlands

By Cara Sulieman

HARRODS boss Mohamed Al Fayed has caused outrage in a remote Highland community by winning the right to build luxury housing on his estate.

He was given the go ahead earlier this month to build stables and eight houses on the land, despite worries from the nearest inhabitants in the hamlet of Rosehall in Sutherland.

The area has seen a decrease in birth rates and increasing numbers of retired people moving in – sparking worries that it is a dying community.

Residents fear that instead of attracting more people to the idyllic setting, Al Fayed’s development will make the situation worse as he already owns unoccupied property in the village.

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English haggis sales bring £8.8million to Scotland

By Michael MacLeod

HAGGIS lovers in England have helped sales of Scotland’s national dish to soared by a fifth, with some suppliers struggling to keep up with demand.

Haggis, neeps and tatties

As Scots around the world prepare to once again celebrate Burns Night in style, new figures show that demand for haggis in England is going through the roof.

English haggis lovers are said to be particularly keen on microwavable haggis, which can be cooked within 60 seconds.
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Baby born on special 9/9/09 day

Baby Kyle with mum Tracey and dad Ian

Baby Kyle with mum Tracey and dad Ian

By Cara Sulieman

IT WAS a date with destiny for one Scots couple yesterday after their son was born on the auspicious day 9/9/09.

Little baby Kyle was born at 9.11am – thought to be the closest baby born to 9.09am in Scotland .

It wasn’t easy for mum Tracey MacLachlan, 28, who had been in labour for an eye-watering 12 hours.

But she laughed: “I guess it could have been worse – he could have be born on 6/6/06.”

She added: “We didn’t think about the date at all until the midwife mentioned it this morning – I had other things on my mind.

“He was so late in coming that I was just pleased to see him.”

Kyle is the third child for teaching assistant Tracey, who has a daughter Chloe, 10, from a previous relationship and son Robbie, four, with husband Ian, 25.

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Police gift register reveals unusual presents

By Cara Sulieman

POLICE forces across the country have received around 200 bottles of booze, more than100 boxes of chocolates and 23 calendars in the last three years.

Senior staff from all seven forces, mainly chief constables, were also invited to 61 sporting events including Scotland international rugby matches, Euro qualifier football matches and even rock concerts.

A further £728 was donated in cash in the last three years – all of which went to benevolent funds.

But as well as thank you cards from victims of crime and Nectar points donated by staff, other perks included an invite to view the Scottish Crown Jewels.

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Coca cola wages war on Irn Bru

CokeHomecomingBottleBy Cara Sulieman

COCA COLA has declared war on Irn Bru – with a special edition bottle celebrating the birth of Robbie Burns.

The soft drinks giant have produced special celebratory bottles for the occasion feature an image of the Bard.

And it’s being done with the full blessing of the Scottish Government.

Scotland is the ONLY place in the world where it is outsold by a native soft drink as Irn Bru has kept it at bay for decades.

Now, in a landmark decision, the group has decided to carry an iconic image of the Bard on the side of their glass products.

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Funding hits the right notes

By Cara Sulieman

THE Scottish Government was blowing its own trumpet yesterday unveiling an extra special line up for this year’s Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival to coincide with Homecoming 2009.

Funding of £100,000 has been given to the organizers to help pay for a raft of special events, including a specially commissioned arrangement celebrating Robert Burns by David Milligan.

There will also be an Edinburgh Jazz Festival Orchestra where musicians from Scotland, Europe and America will come together and play for the first time.

The 16 musicians will play two concerts to celebrate Scotland during the year of Homecoming.

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