Google street view of Gordon Brown’s home to be blacked out

INTERNET giants Google have been forced into blacking out details of former PM Gordon Brown’s home from its controversial Street View mapping service.

They acted within days of Mr Brown’s security team being tipped off on detailed images showing security cameras and even armed guards patrolling at the rural property in Fife

A Street View image of his Fife home clearly showed armed police patrolling the garden, pinpointing the location for online snoopers.

The pictures also allowed detailed examination of the gate and other security measures at the property, where Brown’s children now live since switching schools from London to Scotland. Continue reading

Tony Blair’s memoirs go on sale around the country

By Amanda MacMillan

PROMINENT in the window display, stacked in towers in front of Obama ‘Hope’ style promotional stands and perched at eye level above the tills, there was no escaping the piercing blue eyes of former Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday.

At Waterstone’s flagship Edinburgh store, his 700 page autobiography The Journey, had his face peering from the thick, glossy cover jacket which was in plentiful supply for the anticipated rush to of interest.

But on day one as the doors swung open at the Princes Street branch, shoppers found it had already suffered the indignity of having its price slashed in order to try and encourage buyers.

Red, circular stickers had been carefully tacked to the top right hand corner of the stock proclaiming it was now ‘Half Price’ – selling for £12.50 instead of the recommended £25. Continue reading

Politics blogger predicts that new Cameron baby will have an unusual name

By Amanda MacMillan

A TOP Tory blogger predicted that Prime Minister David Cameron and wife Samantha would give their new daughter a “slightly weird” name.

Political pundit Iain Dale, who previously stood as a candidate for the Conservatives, said he fully expected the couple to deliver some intrigue.

Speaking from the Edinburgh Book Festival where he was guest on a panel, he said:

“I suspect that it will be a slightly weird name – if you look at the names they have called their other children.”

It has been confirmed by Downing Street that the Prime Minister and his wife have named their baby daughter Florence Rose Endellion. Continue reading

Ex-PM Brown still the boss, as he sends wife to Tesco

By Cara Sulieman

AFTER his very public departure from high office, it was perhaps of little surprise that Gordon Brown would chose to keep a low profile on what was his first day back as a jobbing MP.

Back in his beloved Fife, at the North Queensferry home where his children no doubt were enthused as to how daddy suddenly had so much free time, the former Prime Minister stayed behind closed doors.

It was his wife Sarah, a rock to him these past few tumultuous days, who was to run the gauntlet of photographers, TV crews and reporters camped at the end of their driveway.

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Pope XVI will visit Edinburgh, Glasgow, London & Coventry

By Rory Reynolds & Shaun Milne

THE Pope will visit Scotland in September sparking one of the biggest ticket scrambles the country has ever seen.

Pope Benedict XVI will follow in the footsteps of his predecessor Pope John Paul II by holding mass at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow.

There some 150,000 people will gather in what will be a strictly all-ticket event – expected to be awarded by ballot.

His journey will begin in Edinburgh on September 16 where he will meet the Queen, First Minister Alex Salmond and other dignitaries at the Palace of Holyrood.

Hundreds of thousands will gather in the city streets hoping to catch a glimpse of ‘Papa’ – who will travel by Popemobile- before he is later flown by helicopter to Glasgow.

It is expected the Pontiff will then journey to London where he will stay, greeted by whoever is Prime Minister at the time and other senior Royals, and Coventry during the four day stay. Continue reading

Bill McLaren’s family “overwhelmed” by love ahead of funeral

By Michael MacLeod

ICONIC Scottish rugby commentator Bill McLaren will be laid to rest in his hometown of Hawick tomorrow (Monday).

Loudspeakers will relay his funeral service to the thousands of people expected to pay their respects to the man remembered as “the voice of rugby.”

He died last week aged 86 after a long illness, with wife Bette and daughter Linda by his side.

They will be among those at the Borders town’s Teviot Church for his service this morning (Monday), before the cortege moves on to Wellogate cemetery nearby.
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Susan Boyle yet to be asked to sing for Haiti

SuBo outside her home today

By Cara Sulieman

SCOTS singing star Susan Boyle is almost certain to be asked to take part in recording a Song for Haiti.

Showbiz reports across the globe were quick to say SuBo had already been signed up for the single which is being masterminded by her friend and mentor Simon Cowell.

But the superstar from West Lothian revealed today she was still to get a call to take part in the biggest fundraising record since Band Aid.

Today, just hours after the Britain’s Got Talent boss revealed he had been approached by the Prime Minister and promised to “make it happen”, Susan said she was still waiting on news.

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