Scottish cyber crime expert recommends lying online

By Clare Carswell

A SCOTTISH cyber crime expert has urged online users to lie about personal details to prevent identity theft.

Dr Ian Ferguson a digital forensics expert based at the University of Abertay has warned people to be careful about the information they provide online.

Giving out personal details such as date of birth on the internet leaves online users open to crime.

He said: “There was never any reason why someone should tell the truth with birth dates or your mother’s maiden name – it’s just a secret you can remember.”

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Man stole £5,500 from his employers through fake cashback transactions

By Cara Sulieman

A MAN who embezzled more than £5,000 from the shop he was in left in charge of by faking cashback transactions has escaped jail.

Richard Humphries, 32, put £50 cashback through the company’s system on credit card payments then pocketed the cash to feed his gambling addiction.

He managed to steal £5,500 before being caught by an auditor who became suspicious of the assistant manager.

Today at Edinburgh Sheriff Court Humphries was sentenced to 160 hours community service after previously pleading guilty to the thefts between August 10, 2009 and May 12 this year.

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Teen hunted vile online kid porn for the “thrill”

By Cara Sulieman

A TEENAGER caught with more than 1,000 sick images of underage girls on a laptop denied having the porn – before finally admitting to police he had downloaded them for the “thrill”.

Jonathan Wright, 18, whose family home is in Aberdeen, told officers that he had downloaded the sick pictures to “see if they were real”.

At Edinburgh Sheriff Court today he pleaded guilty to possession of the images between August 26 and November 17 last year.

Most of the pictures were of young girls aged between 10 and 13.
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No jail for nerd snared by Nigerian scammers

By Paul Thornton

A HONEYTRAP sap who helped an internet ‘girlfriend’ swindle £25,000 from another man has dodged a jail sentence.

Computer geek Brian Mackay, 40, handed over between four and five thousand pounds of his own money to a ‘woman’ he met in an online chat room.

Mackay fell for the sting after being dumped by his girlfriend and claims he was depressed at the time.

The online fraudster – who Mackay never met in the flesh – took advantage of this to develop a relationship with the love-struck man and told him that they needed the money to pay for medical bills for a family member.
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Killer’s Bebo boasts that prison is like a “hotel”

AN EVIL killer who smashed his victim’s head in with a paving stone has been using a mobile phone smuggled into jail to post boasts about his cushy jail term on social networking site Bebo.

John Graham – who battered neighbour Thomas Hart to death in 2006 – is also claimed to have made threats to rape a young mum in a series of depraved calls from behind bars.

Prison bosses confirmed that they are urgently investigating the allegations after images of the brute, who was jailed last October, appeared online.

They are also probing how he was able to use his Bebo site and phone to make threats against a young Edinburgh mum.
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Holiday nightmare for travellers as flyglobespan goes bust

By Michael MacLeod

THOUSANDS of passengers and 600 staff were facing a nightmare last night after a Scots airline went bust.

Edinburgh based operator flyglobespan – which only days earlier predicted a bright future of expansion and new investment – was in talks with administrators PriceCooperWaterhouse.

Many staff had been told not to turn up for work today (Thursday), online bookings were no longer available and calls to desks in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen were left ringing unanswered.

Suppliers too were left in the dark while even airports themselves were unable to confirm what was happening.
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Scottish teacher encourages pupils to use “unreliable” Wikipedia

By Cara Sulieman

A SCOTTISH teacher has said that school kids should be encouraged to use Wikipedia for school research, despite doubts over the accuracy of the information on the site.

Ollie Bray, deputy head teacher at Musselburgh Grammar, said that pupils should use it to learn how to evaluate the credibility of information.

But the online encyclopaedia has a reputation for being unreliable as anyone can edit the information it carries, and parent groups say it makes their kids “lazy”.

There have been a number of high profile mistakes on the site – just last week Thierry Henry’s entry had to be locked as angry users vandalised his profile after his handball during the France Ireland football game.

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