Stain glass tribute to Queensferry’s much loved minister

By Shaun Milne

A CHURCH congregation which raised more than £16,000 in a heartfelt tribute to remember its former Minister unveiled a memorial window to him at a special service on Sunday.

John Carrie, 64, who was minister of Queensferry Parish Church for 37 years, passed away suddenly in March 2008 just months before he was due to retire.

Following Mr Carrie’s death, a memorial appeal fund was set up by the congregation which raised over £16,000 towards a stain glass window to be specially commissioned in his memory.


It was designed by artist Roland Mitton and based on Psalm 23, “The Lord’s My Shepherd” and unveiled by his widow Anne in front of a packed congregation.

The fund raising efforts not only paid for the window, but also funded the training of a school teacher in Chogoria, Kenya – reflecting Mr Carrie’s interest in the needs of the Third World.

It is anticipated a further two teachers will be trained with the remaining balance.

Queensferry associate minister Reverend Sean Swindells said: “I worked with Reverend John Carrie for five months before his sudden death. Continue reading

Government job scheme under fire

By Cara Sulieman

THE GOVERNMENT has come under fire for only handing out employment funding to TWO Scottish firms.

The job creation fund has splashed £30 million on grants in Scotland but private firms has received just a fraction of that cost – with most going to local authorities.

They have been criticised for handing taxpayers’ money from one section of government to another and not supporting struggling private businesses.

The £1 billion Future Jobs Fund gives employers up to £6,500 to take on a young person aged 18 to 24 for six months.

But of the 10,328 grants handed out in Scotland, just 462 have gone to private businesses.

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New Scots deployment “raring to go” to Afghanistan

By Michael MacLeod

SCOTLAND will send 1,000 troops to Afghanistan over the next six months, it was announced today (Thursday).

The massive deployment will see regiments from every corner of the country jetting out to join NATO operations in Helmand province.

While the new battalion was said to be “raring to go,” the current band of Scots troops sweating out the final weeks of their deployment will be marching on their stomachs thanks to a big hearted ex-soldier.

To coincide with the latest troop deployment, Ali Sutherland arranged a special delivery to the Royal Scots Guards in Afghanistan.
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Snow-blanketed Britain seen from space

THE extent of Britain’s winter whiteout is revealed in a stunning picture from space, received today by scientists in Dundee.
The nationwide blanket of snow and ice came as temperatures dipped to as low as minus 18.
The image, sent by NASA’s Terra satellite, shows the UK framed by cloud sweeping in from the East.
Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond declared it Scotland’s worst winter in 50 years, while forecasters said the country faces another ten days of freezing conditions.
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Right-wing group to stage anti-Islam protest in Glasgow

By Cara Sulieman

A RIGHT-WING anti-Muslim group responsible for violent protests in England plan on bringing their hate filled campaign to the streets of Scotland next month.

The English Defence League, which was started by football casuals in Luton, has now spawned its own Scottish branch who plan on making their debut with a protest in Glasgow.

It is feared the Scottish Defence League could be joined by members travelling up by bus or train to help swell their numbers on November 14.

Plans of a rival protest march against racism in Glasgow on the same day have also emerged.

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George Bush top of the league for nonsensical comments

George W Bush

By Cara Sulieman

FORMER US President George W Bush has been declared the worst culprit for making nonsensical comments.

And he is the only person to have two appearances in the top ten of a poll carried out by Aviva insurance.

It was his infamous statement that “our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we,” that clinched him the top spot.

He is joined by Bill Clinton, Boris Johnson and Eric Cantona in a range of foolish statements that span more than 30 years.

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Rise in Scottish drug deaths blamed on Trainspotting generation

By Cara Sulieman

A MASSIVE hike in the number of drugs related deaths across Scotland is being blamed on the nation’s Trainspotting generation – addicts who began shooting up in the 80’s.

Shock new figures showed a rise of people in their late 30s to early 40s – mostly men – dying from the effects of years of drug use and a lack of support services for their age group.

In all drug deaths rose 26 per cent to 576.

As with previous years, the vast majority of drug users dying are men – an overwhelming 80 per cent.

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New exhibition to honour fight for vote

By Cara Sulieman

A NEW exhibition honouring the sacrifice of Scottish women who fought for their right to vote opens tomorrow.

To mark the 100th anniversary, the Museum of Edinburgh is collecting together stories of Scottish suffragettes.

They hope to demonstrate what part campaigners from across Scotland played in securing the vote.

And it will focus on a key moment of the campaign when, on October 10 1909, hundreds of men, women and children took to Princes Street in Edinburgh with banners and marched for the female vote.

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Alex Salmond’s fawning letters to Sandi Thom

By Cara Sulieman

NEW LIGHT has been shed on the friendship that has blossomed between Sandi Thom and Alex Salmond.

After recommending her second album to Sir Sean Connery, the first minister has shown himself to be a staunch supporter of the Banff-born singer and has even sung a duet with her.

The letters reveal a mutual respect between the pair, and they heap praise on each other with Salmond describing the singer as a “leading light in Scottish music”.

In October 2007, the first minister wrote to Thom apologising for not being able to meet her at a performance by the National Theatre of Scotland in Los Angeles.

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Desmond Tutu receives honorary degree

Pictures by Stuart Cobley

By Cara Sulieman

EDINBURGH University students celebrated their degrees with a famous fellow graduate yesterday.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu received an honorary degree from the institution for his work in South Africa.

The anti-apartheid activist became a Doctor of Divinity for the sixth time when he collected his degree.

During the ceremony he praised the people of Edinburgh for their “outstanding” support in the long battle against apartheid in South Africa.

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