Coin licked by SuBo sold

By Cara Sulieman

ONE wacky eBay bidder bagged themselves a so called bargain when they bought a pound coin allegedly LICKED by Susan Boyle for just 99 pence.

After seven days on the site, the auction only attracted one bid in the final day is was listed.

And with no other interest, the bidder nabbed the memorabilia for the lowest possible price.

With free postage, they can look forward to receiving a one pence profit along with a small piece of SuBo’s saliva.

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Dog sex video man spared prison spell

By Michael MacLeod

A MAN who twice filmed himself having sex with his dog has been put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for two years.

John Kerr, 30, has also been banned from keeping animals as pets without permission from social workers.

He was caught when he left his mobile phone – containing videos of the disgusting attacks – behind a couch at a friend’s flat in Edinburgh’s Kirk Street.

The clips were reported to police, who told Scottish SPCA officers to seize the Staffordshire bull terrier from Kerr.

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Dog sex man snared after friend finds sick mobile phone video clip

By Paul Thornton

A MAN has had his dog seized after he was caught having sex with the animal in two video clips.

Police and Scottish SPCA officers seized the Staffordshire bull terrier from John Kerr, 30, after two recordings of him performing sex acts with the animal were handed to cops.

A friend of Kerr’s had found the clips on a mobile telephone which had been left at his flat.

After showing the movies to the dog’s previous owner, the friend handed over the phone to police who then charged Kerr with having unnatural connections with an animal.

During the police interview Kerr made full confessions and today (Tuesday) at Edinburgh Sheriff Court he pleaded guilty to having unnatural connections with a dog at a flat in the Capital’s Kirk Street.

He also admitted a charge of acting in a disorderly manner and committing a breach of the peace by allowing the animal to lick his private parts while he performed a sex act on himself.
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