Fife Police seize Class A’s with street value of £500,000

By Christine Lavelle

Police seized more than £500,000 worth of heroin and cocaine during a series of planned drugs raids in Fife.

A 26-year-old man from Kirkcaldy is expected to appear at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court tomorrow (Fri), in connection to the discovery of the class A drugs.

Fife Constabulary confirmed it was part of an ongoing intelligence led operation designed to tackle serious organised crime.

Detective Superintendent Garry McEwan, head of crime management for Fife, said: “The targeting of those involved in drug dealing and organised crime remains a very high priority for Fife Constabulary.

“The misery caused to local communities by this form of criminality cannot be understated, and Fife Constabulary is fully committed to use all available resources to target, disrupt and detect those involved in its supply and distribution as set out in the Force Policing Plan.

“Class A drugs cause significant harm within our local communities and it is these communities that I appeal to now.

“Contact the police if you have information about those involved in serious crime, including drug dealing and we will react and when possible arrest those criminals involved.

“In relation to this particular seizure I would again like to thank our communities for their ongoing support and would urge that members of the public continue to alert us as to their concerns and provide information that would assist us in removing harmful drugs from our streets.

“We will listen and investigate what the public tells us.”


Dad “bitter” at NHS managers over son’s death

By Paul Thornton

A BITTER dad has hit out at NHS managers who wrongly accused his son of fraud after they were criticised over the lead-up to his son’s death.

Brian Gilfillan, 36, killed himself on October 28, 2008 – the day he was due to face a disciplinary hearing for putting his boss’s signature on stationery orders.

But a sheriff this week insisted Brian should not have been accused of fraud and added that what he did was not serious misconduct.

Brian’s father William said that managers who accused him of fraud and sent him a letter saying he could be dismissed over it, had “blown it out of proportion” and “ripped his family apart”.

Mr Gilfillan, 71, said “It seems that the people that are to blame, there’s nothing happening to them, that’s my main concern.

“Part of the trouble was these managers didn’t know the meaning of the words and that is what caused it to go on and on.

“The whole thing was blown out of proportion and it’s a pity it had such tragic circumstances.

“My family has been ripped apart now by this.

“I have certainly had his name cleared by the sheriff, but I’m wanting it cleared by the NHS and the public because the terms fraud and forgery are their words, not mine.

“I’m bitter against them. I see them as having taken my son away from me.

“It was a build up of cock-ups along the way.

“It is quite obvious that there are people in jobs that are not qualified for the positions they hold.”

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Former pupil sues over school bullying

Rhona WandsBy Paul Thornton

A WOMAN is suing her local authority claiming they failed to protect her from years of bullying at their schools.

Rhona Wands claims teachers and bosses at Fife Council ignored her torment from four tormentors who picked on her during her time at Markinch Primary School and Auchmuty High School in Fife.

Miss Wands insists the abuse forced her into home tuition and claims she left school earlier than she otherwise would have.

Now 22 years old, she wants damages for physical and emotional harm she said she suffered and also compensation for the impact on her academic achievements.
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