Charity says 80,000 children in Scotland living with alcoholic parents

By Cara Sulieman

A CHILDREN’S charity is warning that the NHS is not doing enough to tackle drinking among parents, saying that 80,000 children in Scotland are living with alcoholic parents.

The worry is that these kids will follow in their footsteps unless the government takes action.

Children 1st are calling for parents to get more advice on the impact of their boozing on the kids.

Alison Todd, a director of the charity said: “Scotland’s problem with alcohol is impacting on far too many of our children.

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Number of ‘forced adoptions’ rocket as more children taken into care

More children than ever are being taken into care

By Cara Sulieman

THE NUMBER of parents having their children taken off them and put up for adoption has rocketed in the last three years.

The number of cases where social services have stepped in and forced adoption have doubled in the past three years and a record number of kids have been taken into care.

Figures obtained from Scotland’s councils under the Freedom of Information laws reveal that 203 children were put up for adoption by social workers last year.

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William Wallace loses to Cheryl Cole in fame fight

By Cara Sulieman

SCOTLAND’S children know more about celebrities like Cheryl Cole than they do national heroes according to new research.

A poll of 1,000 primary school kids showed that 91 per-cent of them recognised the X Factor judge, but just 28 per-cent were able to name William Wallace.

The group behind the study are blaming the education system for the lack of knowledge – saying students need to spend more time experiencing the subject.

The children, aged between nine and 11, were asked to identify the two famous figures at various events during the year.

While Cheryl Cole was instantly recognisable to most, Wallace was a lot harder for the schoolkids to name.
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Genetic information of kids could be stored on database

By Cara Sulieman

POLICE in Scotland will start collecting and storing the genetic information of children as young as eight under new powers granted by the government.

Under the new Criminal Justice and Licensing Act the DNA and fingerprints of anyone under-17 can be kept for up to three years if they are found guilty of a violent or sexual offence.

And the laws have caused outrage amongst human rights campaigners who are calling on the government to make sure the rules aren’t abused.

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Kids found with drugs on Lothian streets

By Cara Sulieman

CHILDREN as young as 12 have been caught with illegal drugs by police in the capital.

Stop and search checks on kids hanging out on street corners found cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines and mephadrone according to figures released today.

Since the start of the year, around 100 children and young teens have been found in possession of drugs – 25 of whom were aged 15 and under.

The shocking statistics include a 12-year-old in Bathgate who was found with cannabis and a 16-year-old carrying cocaine in the city centre.

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PICTURE OF THE DAY: Flight Of Fancy For Taxi Kids

CHILD’S PLAY: This year’s Edinburgh taxi trade outing for 100 or so very special children defied the rain to leave in a convoy from Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh where Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill was  among those waving off the charity drive as it headed for ice-cream in Musselburgh and fun at Yellowcraigs for what is the 64th year of the magnificent event involving cabbies from all across the area giving up their time to bring a little fun to young lives, including the specially decorated ‘Taxi Baron’ ride above.

PHOTOGRAPH by Mike Byrne

Sex criminal blames gay “repression” after grooming kids

By Michael MacLeod

AN old-age pervert who groomed two boys by plying them with alcohol then sexually abusing them has been jailed for eight months.

Joseph Johnstone, 67, claimed that growing up in a time when homosexuality was frowned upon skewed his understanding of normal behaviour.

He snared two 15 year-old boys by inviting them into his home for tea and biscuits in May last year.
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