Prisoner slashed gay con because “he had a look in his eye”

By Cara Sulieman

A PRISONER slashed a gay con’s face after being told by a guard “if he wanted to have you he would”.

Thomas Conington, 22, had been invited into Paul Fegan’s cell in Ingliston Hall in Saughton Prison to borrow a DVD player when the attack took place.

Conington – who knew Mr Fegan was gay – saw his fellow prisoner move towards him with “a look in his eye” and pulled out a razor blade and slashed Mr Fegan on the face.

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Elderly in care homes given less to spend than criminals

Care home residents are having to survive on just £3.19 a day

By Cara Sulieman

OAPS living in care homes are given less money to spend than prisoners.

Residents who get their essential living costs covered by the state are left with just £3.19 a day for personal items compared to the £3.86 a day inmates receive.

The shocking revelation has been branded “ludicrous” by politicians who are calling for the personal allowance to be increased.

Care home residents with less than £14,000 qualify to have their fees paid by the council but any income they receive has to be handed over to fund their care.

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Jail for 40-year-old who beat a woman with learning difficulties

By Cara Sulieman

A 40-year-old has been jailed after beating a woman with learning difficulties around the head with a bottle.

Natalie Paterson launched a brutal attack on Emma Flint before taking all her possessions and £50 in cash.

The thug also received a jail term for a separate attack on a 15-year-old child.

Paterson sobbed in the dock yesterday (weds) as she was jailed for 14 months over the assault and robbery. Continue reading

Under-the-bed stalker is jailed for harassing ex-girlfriend

By Christine Lavelle

A MAN who stalked his ex-girlfriend by hiding under her bed has been jailed for 40 months.

Two days after being dumped Christopher Fowler was found under ex-partner Catherine Southcott’s bed having forcing his way into her home.

The 27 year-old was released on bail but continued to bombard her with 108 phone calls, text messages and even letters from behind prison bars.

A sheriff today imposed an ASBO on Fowler, who claimed he was “ashamed of his actions.”
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Infamous fraudster Lady Bruce vows to return to Scotland

By Rory Reynolds

THE fraudster ex-wife of a Scottish aristocrat has pledged to return to Scotland on her release from a Texan prison.

Amanda Grimes – who conned victims into thinking she was a Hollywood screenwriter – has vowed to return to Scotland to be with her three children.

The 41-year-old was previously Lady Bruce, after marrying a descendent of Robert the Bruce, in the early 1990s.

Alaskan-born Grimes became one of the most widely sought after con artists after leaving a trail of scams around Europe and the US after she divorced husband Lord Charles Bruce in 1996.

In a behind bars interview with the Austin American Statesman newspaper she revealed that she has been “spending several hours a day writing”, and claims to have even sold the script for a romantic comedy. Continue reading

Conmen’s fraud pact exposed after arguement over cash

By Michael MacLeod

A FRAUDSTER at the centre of a “rogue’s pact” has escaped a jail sentence for shoving an accomplice into a car and demanding money from him.

Kessar Ali, 21, turned on fellow conman Cameron Corsie, claiming he had been duped out of his share of the takings from a cash scam.

The pair agreed to meet to settle their dispute, but the discussion turned nasty as Corsie was bundled into a car.

Ali was originally charged with abduction after Corsie claimed he was assaulted while in the back of the car heading along the M8 to Glasgow.
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Con-artist jailed for targeting OAP during community service

By Michael MacLeod

A GREEDY fraudster stole £2,500 from an 83 year-old woman – while she was supposed to be looking after her as part of her community service.

Jane Richardson, 52, was doing unpaid work at an elderly day-care unit as punishment for a previous fraud conviction.

But she “gave in to temptation” after a frail pensioner asked her to get money from a cash machine for her.

Richardson sneakily kept hold of her bankcard and remembered the woman’s PIN number.

She used the card a shocking 33 times to pocket £2,500 in cash, Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard today (Wednesday).

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