Heather’s bones binned by bungling cleaners

By Paul Thornton

MISSING bones from the body of tragic Heather Stacey were chucked out by workers hired to clear out her flat after she was evicted.

The murdered 44-year-old was given the boot from the Edinburgh flat weeks before her dismembered remains were found scattered across the capital.

And when council bosses sent in a squad of cleaners to empty the property for new tenants in December 2008 their bungling workers found a bone belonging to the mother-of-four.

Instead of reporting the gruesome find –thought to be part of Heather’s arm – the firm simply took it to a waste disposal site and it has never been seen again.

Heather moved into the flat in January 2007 but lost contact with family and support workers towards the end of that year.

Little was anyone to know that her fiancé Alan Cameron, 56, had murdered the woman he was supposed to love.

It is not known how Cameron killed Heather but she died sometime between November 29 and December 11, 2007. Continue reading

Heather Stacey murder accused claims she had heart attack

By Paul Thornton

MURDER accused Alan Cameron claims that Heather Stacey died while he was out buying her chips.

Cameron, 56, said he left the 44-year-old for just 20 minutes to pick up the food and when he returned she was dead.

He claims that he did not tell police about the death because he “panicked” over an outstanding arrest warrant for him.

But he insisted that he did not assault her and told cops that he assumed she had died from heart failure as a result of heavy drinking.

Cameron made the claims during an interview which was read the jury at Heather’s murder trial at the High Court in Livingston today (Friday).

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Jurors see head pictures in murder trial

By Paul Thornton

GRUESOME photographs of head in the bag victim Heather Stacey were shown to a jury sitting at her murder trial yesterday.

Two graphic images showing the 44-year-old’s head lying beside a blue Ikea bag on a footpath in Edinburgh revealed the disturbing state of her badly decomposed remains.

Heather’s thinning, dyed red hair could be seen along with the discolouration of her skin in the pictures.

The eyes in her head were also missing.

Judge Lord Matthews yesterday (Tuesday) warned the eight women and seven men of the jury that the two photographs were “disturbing” before they were directed to them in books lodged as productions in the case.

Lord Matthews also checked that there were no members of the mum-of-four’s family in the public benches before allowing the images to be shown on two large-screen monitors in the court room.

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Murder trial teen may have trapped girlfriend in burning bedroom

By Paul Thornton

A MURDER accused teen may have held a door closed to stop his flame-engulfed girlfriend from escaping a burning room, a court has heard.

A bent handle on the door of the bedroom that Jessica McCagh burnt to death in could indicate that Stewart Blackburn trapped her in the blaze after setting her on fire, according to a forensic fire expert.

Jessica died at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee shortly after the inferno at Blackburn’s flat in Arbroath on April 25 this year.

Blackburn, 18, admits killing Jessica but denies murder and is on trial at the High Court in Livingston.

Today Andrew Wade, a fire investigator with First Forensic Limited, told the jury of 10 men and five women that the charred scene at the flat was consistent with Blackburn trapping the tragic farm worker in. Continue reading

Man jailed for forcing sex on 12-year-old girl

By Andrea McCallum

AN EX-CONFECTIONARY worker who demanded sex from a 12-year-old girl and performed a sex act on her has been jailed.

Stewart McArthur, 46, forced the girl onto a bed before committing indecency and a serious sexual assault.

The events only came to light after the victim’s mother found notes suggesting her daughter was contemplating suicide following the abuse.

Yesterday (Monday) at the High Court in Livingston, perverted McArthur was jailed for six years and was put on the sex offenders register for life.

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Murder trial teen threatened to torch victim’s home previously

by Paul Thornton

A TEENAGER accused of deliberately burning his girlfriend to death threatened to torch her home almost a year previously, a court was told yesterday.

The mother of Jessica McCagh told how murder accused Stewart Blackburn made the threat during an angry phone call.

At the High Court in Livingston, Marion McCagh recalled how she snatched a mobile phone from her daughter Jessica’s hands while the 17-year-old was rowing with Mr Blackburn in July 2008.

Mrs McCagh, 47, told a jury her daughter had been staying with her then boyfriend at weekends, but had fallen out with him.

She decided to intervene by taking over the conversation with Mr Blackburn, and recalled: “He said he was going to burn the house down with petrol if he didn’t see Jessica. Continue reading