Charity football match for honeymoon Scots


John and Nicola Tams were hit by a car on their honeymoon

By Cara Sulieman

A CHARITY football match is to be held to help raise money for a Scot who was left fighting for his life after being hit by a car on honeymoon.

John Tams, 30, was on holiday with his new wife Nicola when they were mowed down by a speeding motorist in Sorrento.

Nicola, 31, suffered broken ribs and was treated in hospital before being released after the accident two weeks ago.

But John is still in intensive care after he had to be put in a medically induced come to treat head and facial injuries.

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Pensioner left out in cold by ambulance

Betty Henry with her husband John at a wedding last year.

By Cara Sulieman

A PENSIONER was left in the freezing cold waiting for an ambulance after tripping and breaking her ankle, despite passer bys making SIX 999 calls.

It was over an hour before help finally arrived for 75-year-old Betty Henry, who had just got off the bus before tripping on a pothole on Clermiston Road in Edinburgh.

Members of the public who rushed to her aid were repeatedly told by the ambulance that it was not “an emergency”, despite the fact that the usually active pensioner could not move and started to shake in the cold.

Meanwhile, Mrs Henry’s daughter Barbara Balfour, was waiting to hear which hospital her mum would be taken to before setting off from her Haddington home.

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David Attenborough recognised for contribution to conservation

Left to right - David Windmill, David Attenborough, and The Princess Royal

By Cara Sulieman

BROADCASTER Sir David Attenborough has been recognised for his contribution to conservation by Edinburgh Zoo.

He was presented with the Centenary Medal by The Princess Royal at a ceremony on Tuesday night.

The head of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, David Windmill, said that the presenter had contributed to a “greater awareness” on animal conservation.

Nine others received Honorary Fellowships to the Society as part of the society’s 100 year anniversary.

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Family in shock over murder accused’s bail

Floral tributes outside the house where Carol Jarvis' body was found

By Paul Thornton & Cara Sulieman

A GRIEVING family said they were “shocked” after discovering their murder accused dad has been released from custody in time for Christmas – while he still awaits trial over the death of their mum.

Carol Jarvis, 47, was found in her home at Bathgate, West Lothian, by police during the early hours of September 16.

Husband Harry Jarvis, 59, was later arrested along with Rita Heyster, 55, following the discovery of Carol’s body at the house in Balbardie Crescent.

They are charged with the murder of Mrs Jarvis as well as attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The pair – both from Bathgate – are also charged with board and lodgings fraud as well as theft.

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Scottish teacher encourages pupils to use “unreliable” Wikipedia

By Cara Sulieman

A SCOTTISH teacher has said that school kids should be encouraged to use Wikipedia for school research, despite doubts over the accuracy of the information on the site.

Ollie Bray, deputy head teacher at Musselburgh Grammar, said that pupils should use it to learn how to evaluate the credibility of information.

But the online encyclopaedia has a reputation for being unreliable as anyone can edit the information it carries, and parent groups say it makes their kids “lazy”.

There have been a number of high profile mistakes on the site – just last week Thierry Henry’s entry had to be locked as angry users vandalised his profile after his handball during the France Ireland football game.

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Million pound Ming takes the biscuit


By Cara Sulieman

A MING vase with connections to an old biscuit company sold for £1.1 million – shattering the modest quarter of a million estimate.

The delicate 500-year-old Chinese creation is from a collection owned by Reginald Palmer, the chairman of the Huntley and Palmer biscuit company.

Bought for a mere £55 – the Palmer family certainly made a profit when the popular item went under the hammer at the Bonhams Chinese Art Sale.

After the sale Colin Sheaf, head of Asian art said: “Items like this with impeccable provenance, great rarity and the highest quality always seem to retain their value and in fact grow it over the years.

“There is only a very limited number of objects of this rarity and beauty available.”

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