John Lewis in court after putting workers lives in danger

By Christine Lavelle

HIGH street retailer John Lewis faces a massive fine after it was revealed they failed to do proper safety checks while refurbishing premises in Edinburgh which led to 15 construction workers potentially being exposed to asbestos.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard today (Mon) that some of the men were told to carry on touching danger areas with their own hands even after the alarm had been raised because no proper tests were done.

If asbestos is disturbed it can release harmful fibres into the air, which may lead to diseases such as cancer, lung scarring and serious respiratory problems.

The effects of the illness may not become apparent until up to 40 years later.

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Almost 250 accidents at Scotland’s top tourist sites

By Oliver Farrimond

UNLUCKY staff and visitors at some of Scotland’s top tourism sights have injured themselves almost 250 times since the beginning of last year.

Some 126 members of staff at Historic Scotland and VisitScotland, and 120 visitors to their sites, found themselves hurt in accidents.

Five claims for compensation have followed as a result of the injuries, which include collisions with cannons, falling flagpoles and hogweed burns.

According to figures obtained through a Freedom of Information request, more than 100 hapless visitors at Historic Scotland sites received injuries ranging from cracked ribs to dislocated elbows and broken shoulders.

And almost 20 members of the public at VisitScotland sites recorded injuries, including a child at the Wallace Monument in April of last year who had to have the tip of their finger removed after trapping it in a toilet door. Continue reading

Health and safety prevents donation

By Cara Sulieman

A PRIMARY school has been unable to display a hard-earned eco award outside their building because of health and safety fears.

Craigroyston Primary in Edinburgh won a Green Flag award for showing lasting commitment to environmental issues.

The skint school could not afford over £2,000 to install a flag pole and were forced to hang the flag on a wall.

But when a generous contractor offered free poles left from another job the city’s council put a stop to works until they carried out “checks” on the pole.

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Architect grilled over balcony gap after Ben’s tragic fall

DIGNIFIED: Ben's parents Ross and Louise leave court

By Michael MacLeod

THE grieving family of a toddler who tragically fell to his death through a gap in a balcony at his mother’s office have been told there was “no reason” for the gap to be there.

Little Ben McCreath was just 21-months old when he plunged 15-feet to his death from the first floor of Edinburgh’s Princes Exchange building, where his mother Louise worked as a part-time receptionist.

Today (Friday) she and husband Ross watched on tearfully during the second day of evidence at a Fatal Accident Inquiry into their son’s death.

They heard the building’s architect Mark McPhillips admitting he made changes to the original building plans, which ultimately proved fatal for Ben.
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Bin men refuse to work in ice and snow

By Cara Sulieman

RUBBISH in Edinburgh is being left to rot in the streets after bin men refused to go and collect it in the treacherous weather.

Two out of three stayed away from work on Thursday, saying “health and safety” was preventing them from braving the slippery streets.

But it has caused anger among other workers at Edinburgh City Council – including parking attendants and park wardens – who downed tools and took to the streets to try and clear the roads.

The head of the council’s services for communities department, Mark Tuley, said that they had given the bin men the option of working or going home without pay.

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Schoolkids banned from playing British Bulldogs

By Cara Sulieman

IT HAS been a popular playground game for generations, but children in one Scottish school have been banned from playing British Bulldogs on “health and safety grounds”.

Pupils at Edinburgh’s Firrhill High School have been told not to play the game, along with other “physical” pastimes such as wrestling.

The game involves kids running across the field and trying to break through a human chain formed by the other team.

It has had a revival in recent years as schoolchildren are encouraged to be more active in the playground – but has been banned in schools across the country.

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Lollipop man under fire from council for second time in a week

John Hunter has been in trouble with the council twice in one week

John Hunter has been in trouble with the council twice in one week

By Cara Sulieman

A SCHOOL crossing guide has comes under fire from council chiefs for the second time in a week about flaunting health and safety rules – this time for having children’s stickers on his lollipop.

John Hunter was first rapped for giving out high-fives and sweet so children crossing at his junction in Edinburgh, sparking efforts to keep the 69 year old in his job after he threatened to quit.

Now he has had his stick CONFISCATED by bosses after children begging him to stay slapped stickers on the sign urging him to stay.

Angry pupils and parents at Corstorphine Primary School started a campaign to keep their favourite lollipop man after the 69-year-old threatened to quit over the ban on high-fives.

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