Carer hit an elderly patient because she thought he was lunging at her


Valerie Stone "struggled" with her job

By Cara Sulieman

A CARER hit an elderly nursing home resident under her care because she thought he was lunging at her.

Valerie Stone, 49, told a stunned colleague “he wasn’t going to hit me first” after she struck 79-year-old Roy Brown in the face.

It came just months after she had shouted at the dementia patient as she was trying to help him in his room.

Colleagues eventually became concerned about the carer who suffers from mental health and weight-related physical problems herself and reported her to management at the Braid Hills Nursing Centre in Edinburgh.

She was suspended from her position at the BUPA care home in January while police were contacted and an investigation got underway.

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Anger as doctors pocket £142 for every cremation

By Michael MacLeod

SCOTTISH doctors have pocketed an estimated £1.5 million by charging grieving families to have cremation certificates signed.

The £71 so-called “ash cash” charge allows a deceased person’s body to be released for cremation.

Both GPs and hospital doctors each charge for the form-filling exercise, leaving the deceased person’s relatives to fork out £142.

But most mourning families have no idea they are paying the fee, which doctors could choose to waive if they wanted to, as it is often charged to the funeral director who buries it among the final bill.
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Family bid to raise £300,000 for son

By Andrea McCallum

THE parents of a toddler suffering from a rare form of cancer have pledged to raise ₤300,000 so he can have treatment only available in America.

After 22-month-old Ross Anderton was diagnosed with a tumour underneath his eye mum Lesley and dad Andy asked the NHS to fund life-saving therapy.

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Baby’s brain haemorrhage went ignored for a week

By Michael MacLeod

A TEN-week-old baby boy was forced to suffer for over a week with a brain haemorrhage after a man fell on stairs while holding him.
Robin Hay leaving court
Robin Hay, 33, was meant to be looking after the tot – who cannot be named – at an address in Edinburgh last year.

Worried relatives noticed veins were bulging from the baby’s head, but Hay shrugged off their concerns and failed to explain the youngster’s head injury.

A health visitor making a routine check was not told about the tumble either.

A second medical visitor flagged up the injuries a week later and told Hay to take the baby to the capital’s Royal Hospital for Sick Kids “immediately.”

Instead, Hay first went back to his own home before taking the injured baby to hospital.
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Hypnosis nurse struck off

Iain Balsillie

Iain Balsillie

By Cara Sulieman and Paul Thornton

A PERVERT nurse has been struck off for hypnotising patients so he could grope them.

Iain Balsillie, 40, from Dunfermline, had already been fired from B Sky B where he worked as an occupational nurse after two female workers at the call centre claimed he tried to put them in a trance before touching them up.

Balsillie used the trigger words “drop for me” in an attempt to make women fall into his arms, after which he would grab them by the breasts and, in one case, lower the patient’s head on to his private parts.

One patient described the nurse getting so close that she could “smell the sweat on his body” during her trance.

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Rise in Scottish drug deaths blamed on Trainspotting generation

By Cara Sulieman

A MASSIVE hike in the number of drugs related deaths across Scotland is being blamed on the nation’s Trainspotting generation – addicts who began shooting up in the 80’s.

Shock new figures showed a rise of people in their late 30s to early 40s – mostly men – dying from the effects of years of drug use and a lack of support services for their age group.

In all drug deaths rose 26 per cent to 576.

As with previous years, the vast majority of drug users dying are men – an overwhelming 80 per cent.

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GPs throw toys out the pram in swine flu scare

By Michael MacLeod

TOYS have been banned from Scots doctors’ waiting rooms because of fears they could spread the deadly swine flu bug.

Crèches at private family clinics in South Queensferry and Dalkeith have been cleared after the drastic move.

Magazines have also been swiped from the waiting rooms, replaced by signs explaining that the virus, which has killed four people in Scotland, can live on hard surfaces for over an hour.

But the doctors are on a collision course with the NHS after sources revealed they are against the toy ban, saying it simply raises public fears over the H1N1 virus.

Banning toys “makes sense” according to Dr Dean Marshall, chair of the British Medical Association’s Scottish GP committee.
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