Edinburgh warned of a HIV ticking timebomb as new cases rise

By Christine Lavelle

HEALTH experts are warning that Edinburgh could be facing a HIV ticking time-bomb, as more than 100 new cases a year are expected over the coming decade.

The number of new infections could jump by 10 per cent, bringing the city back up to the shocking levels seen during the 1980s.

It is believed the problem is now even worse than when it hit its height 25 years ago, because medical advances mean existing patients are living with the disease for longer.

There are 1,100 cases in the NHS Lothian area – with a tenth of these arising in 2010 alone.

Treating each patient cost the health service around £10,000, meaning health bosses are looking to source over £1 million each year to cope with the epidemic.

Health chiefs have cited complacency among the city’s gay community with regards to taking care of their own sexual health, and they believe hard-hitting messages are no longer getting through to people as the disease does not carry the same level of fear as it once did. Continue reading