Bullet Found After “Warning Shot” At House

By Michael MacLeod and Shaun Milne

A BULLET recovered by police at the scene of a drive by shooting could hold vital clues in tracking down who was behind the incident.

Detectives are probing the shot fired at an address in Dalkeith, Midlothian, at around 11.25pm on Wednesday.

Damage caused by the bullet could be seen at the home of George Rae, 39, who police sources say was also the target of recent threats made at the start of the month.

The blast left his neighbours in Woodburn Avenue shocked, with many last night saying a feud had been bubbling under for some time.
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Annie Lennox lashes out at X-Factor

Annie Lennox

By Oliver Farrimond

SCOTTISH pop queen Annie Lennox has lashed out at the current trend of music reality shows.

Branding the X-Factor format “very formulaic”, she questioned Simon Cowell’s right to decide what the next big thing should be.

She said: “”I really hate that people love the person who is painfully bad at what they’re doing – it’s hilarious but cruel.

“Who are they? What do they know?”

Lennox – one of Britain’s biggest selling female artists – is currently promoting her greatest hits collection.

The former Eurhythmics singer is also one of Cowell’s former clients.

The ill-tempered X-Factor judge managed her “before anybody was anybody”, according to the singer.

She added: “They’ve got this panel of judges and they’re supposed to be the God Almighty that determines what is and isn’t good.

“It really is not my bag.”

Lennox, born in Aberdeen, has been vocal in her criticism of Pop Idol-style television before.

In a 2005 interview, the Oscar-winning singer attacked the “humiliation factor” of the shows.

The 54-year-old said: “I don’t watch it because I cannot bear to see people humiliated – it could be your daughter or your son out there.

“There must be a whole generation of kids who have lost so much of their self-esteem just from going through an endurance test like that.”

Sandi Thom apologises after offending UK musical great


By Oliver Farrimond

SCOTTISH singer Sandi Thom has been shamed into a public apology after offending an award-winning British composer.

Thom had to call celebrated musician and producer Nitin Swahney and say sorry for comments she made about him during an interview.

When discussing the influence of world music on her new album, she remarked that she “wasn’t going to come back sounding like Nitin Sawhney”.

Sawhney – who is one of the UK’s most respected and widely known arts patrons – took offence and called the Scots songstress shortly afterwards to demand an explanation.

The Scots songstress said: “Unfortunately I seem to have upset Nitin as he has been in direct contact with me.

“I have assured him that I have nothing but adoration for what he does and that I have always been a massive fan.

“This is just one of those unfortunate examples of a sentence coming out all wrong.”

Reports of the spat have come at the end of an eventful few months for Thom.

The singer-songwriter was forced to cancel the first show of her nationwide tour after the opening venue – Edinburgh’s Liquid Rooms – burned to the ground.

She was also recently forced to clarify her political views after she performed a duet with First Minister Alex Salmond and her image was found adorning SNP campaign literature.

A spokesman for Nitin Sawhney declined to comment on the matter.

Gordon Ramsay’s new Paris restaurant branded ‘boring’ by renowned French food critic

By Oliver Farrimond

FEARED French food critic Francois Simon has slammed Gordon Ramsay’s new Parisian restaurant, saying that it serves up ‘photocopier food’.

Simon accused the Scottish born master-chef’s dishes of being ‘repetitive’ and ‘not interesting’.

His withering remarks will come as bad news to Ramsay, whose culinary empire is reportedly suffering from the effects of the global recession.

Speaking in an interview, Simon said: “Quite frankly, it’s just another gastronomic restaurant: boring, pompous and very expensive – I’d already eaten the same thing in Tokyo and all his restaurants in London.

“It’s a cuisine of duplication – repetitive cuisine is not interesting. It’s like a photocopier: it is Xerox food.”

His criticism came despite the restaurant being awarded two stars from the Michelin Guide.

Gordon Ramsey now has 12 Michelin stars to his name.

And short-tempered Scot said last March at the opening of the restaurant that he had “had a belly-full of the French coming over here and telling us how s**t our food is.”

The restaurant – which has only ten tables – is at the Trianon Hotel in Versailles, one of France’s most history-steeped and picturesque regions.

But Francois Simon said that he would rather eat in one of the local bistros.

He added: “It’s great for Gordon Ramsay, as he’s someone who works very hard and has a great deal of talent and has perfectly understood how international gastronomy functions.

“But it’s as if you invited me to dinner and offered me a pre-prepared dish you bought from a shop.

“Of course it’s good and you’ve warmed it up nicely, but I’m not interested in tasting it. I want to taste YOUR food.”

Simon Francois is world-famous for his devastating criticism – his surly columns for Le Figaro are legendary, and the character Anton Ego in the Disney-Pixar animated film Ratatouille is based on him.

Foie gras, roasted fig and Scottish venison were among the dishes tested out by Simon at the 75-seat brasserie.

A spokesman for Gordon Ramsay said that he had full faith in his team of chefs at the restaurant, and that they were delighted to receive two Michelin stars.