Hibs Lose Yogi – View from the fans

THE FANS VIEW –  By Amanda MacMillan

Many Hibs fans today said they were shocked at the departure of former club captain John Hughes so soon into his managerial career with the club.

David Melvin, 55, a cleaner from Edinburgh, said: “I’m devastated. He’s not been given a chance. Everybody has got to take their part in this. I haven’t even thought about who I’d like to see replace him.”

Joiner Davey Cadger, 57, also from Edinburgh, agreed that it was not all his fault. He said: “What a shame. I don’t know why they’re blaming him. They should have given him more cash to get more players.

“It wasn’t his fault. The players should have played together.

“The club has more money than Rangers and Celtic and they could have done more that way. They should’ve given him a bit longer.

“I don’t think it will ruin his reputation. They have no-one really to pick from for manager.

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John Hughes term as Hibs manager comes to an end

By Shaun Milne

HIBS manager John Hughes has left the club following a string of poor results for the Edinburgh side which has seen them drift towards the foot of the table.

In a statement issued shortly before 10am, chairman Rod Petrie confirmed that the reign of the former club captain which started in June 2009 had been ended by “mutual consent”.

Mr Petrie said: “John has been a hardworking and dedicated manager of Hibernian.

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Scots councils pay for weather forecast

By Cara Sulieman

THREE SCOTS councils are shelling out £90,000 for someone to predict the weather.

Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire Councils are paying the Met Office to provide them with a detailed forecast so they can decide how much grit is needed for roads in their area.

It comes after the country was brought to a standstill last winter when local authorities across Scotland ran out of salt.

But motoring organisations say they need to prepare for a bad winter no matter what the forecast says to avoid a repeat of last year’s chaos.

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Haggis producers struggling to keep up with demand

Haggis, neeps and tatties

By Cara Sulieman

HAGGIS producers are working round the clock to meet demand for this Burns Night on Monday.

World famous Edinburgh firm Macsween say they have seen a sharp rise in sales of the traditional dish, claiming it has been a record year for both the meat and vegetarian varieties.

Sales have risen 25 per cent, with the most noticeable rise in England.

Meat producers Malcolm Allan have seen a staggering 2000 per cent rise in the sale of the delicacy this year.

They have also secured a contract with Tesco to supply 25,000 haggis to their English stores as more and more people embrace the dish made from meat off-cuts and traditionally wrapped in sheep’s stomach.

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Flare-throwing SPL steward banned from football

By Michael MacLeod

A FOOTBALL steward has been banned from every ground in Britain for a year after throwing a flare onto a pitch.

The court order means Michael Smith, 21, will lose his pitch-side security job with SPL side Falkirk.

He was arrested at a high-tempered derby match between rivals Linlithgow Rose and Bo’ness United when cops spotted the smoke bomb being hurled onto the pitch.

It wasn’t hard for officers to trace the arc smoke back to Smith, who was fined £1,000 and branded “mindless” by a Sheriff today (Thurs).

A Falkirk insider said last night: “This is exactly the kind of thing we employ stewards to stop other people doing, never mind doing it themselves.

“It’s completely stupid, but stewards are never the brightest anyway.

“We’ll be speaking to police, but it will be an instant dismissal.”

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Google Maps sends mourners to crematorium eleven miles off target

Google blunder

Google Maps show Dunfermline Crematorium as being in Kirkcaldy

By Cara Sulieman

INTERNET giants Google have found themselves at a dead loss in Fife after mixing up a crematorium in Dunfermline with one located miles away in Kirkcaldy.

Grief stricken mourners heading there to say their last goodbyes to their loved ones could be left 11 miles off target by relying on directions from the popular online service.

Searches show the crematorium listed as Dunfermline – but located at the actual home of Kirkcaldy Crematorium which also finds itself listed as its online doppelganger.

Now funeral bosses warn the blunder could cause grief wracked families yet more distress in their darkest hour.

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Old firm tops crimes league

By Cara Sulieman

OLD FIRM fans are the worst behaved on the rail network according to new figures from the British transport police.

And Rangers fans are detected for twice the number of football-related crimes than their arch rivals Celtic.

But the Chief Superintendant for the British Transport Police in Scotland Martyn Ripley said it was the nature of the crimes that were worrying rather than the number.

As well as the usual urinating in public and alcohol charges, there were a number of fans arrested for sectarianism.

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