Coathanger statue unveiled

The statue attracts attention on its first day

By Amanda Keenan

A UNIQUE sculpture depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ has been put on display in Edinburgh’s Parliament Square.

The 9ft tall piece ‘Die Harder’ was unveiled outside St Giles’ Cathedral by acclaimed sculptor David Mach.

The Fife born artist is best known for his artwork made out of everyday items including coat-hangers, match sticks and bricks. 

He spent three-and-a-half months creating the crucifixion scene through welding together 3000 coat-hangers.

He said: “This work is made of thousands of coat-hangers, we’ve teased the hooks out to points.

“It’s a material I use a lot for sculpture, so we’ve got this ‘pierced Christ’ that appears. It looks like quite a violent image and I wanted to enhance that violence in a way.

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Family and colleagues pay tribute to “charismatic” cyclist killed in accident

Dr Kostas Tourlas

By Cara Sulieman

SHOCKED colleagues of a cyclist who was killed in a tragic road accident at the weekend paid tribute to a “charismatic” and “popular” man today.

Dr Kostas Tourlas died in the collision with a Fiat Ulysse near Kirkliston Sports Centre on Saturday.

Workmates of the 37-year-old spoke of their “shock and disbelief” at his death.

Dr Tourlas had worked at London-based software consultancy firm Adelard since 2003 and moved to the capital about a year ago.

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Cancer dog left to die because owner was “embarrassed”

By Michael MacLeod
A ROTWEILLER with cancer had to be put-down after its owner dumped it because he was “too embarrassed” to take it to a vet.
Colin Clark abandoned his 10 year-old pet when a tumour grew on its paw.
The 35 year-old tied the dog to a fence in Edinburgh’s Trinity Road last June and left it to starve. 

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Suffering dog found at roadside

The sick dog at the vets before it was sadly put down

By Cara Sulieman

ANIMAL welfare chiefs were last night investigating why a suffering dog was left wandering a Scots street to die.

The animal was rushed to vet surgeons for emergency after being found on a roadside in West Lothian.

But the dog was in such a bad state she couldn’t be saved despite receiving urgent treatment for dehydration and vomiting and diarrhoea.

Her coat was particularly badly affected, with her rear covered in matted faeces.

The Scottish SPCA were called in after a passer by found the animal next to the road in Strathlogie, Westfield.

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Swine flu hits Edinburgh

By REPORTING TEAM: Cara Sulieman, Paul Thornton, Alexander Lawrie, Lauren Crooks and Oliver Farrimond

BREAKING NEWS: A newlywed couple from Edinburgh have been quarantined at home over fears they have been infected by Swine Flu.

Peter and Jennifer Marshall, from Gorgie, returned from their honeymoon in the area Cancun of Mexico last Tuesday (21st) and started to show signs of flu-like symptoms.

Last night Peter, 37, a flower wholesaler, said they had “voluntarily” confined themselves to their cottage home while awaiting test results to confirm whether or not they had the virus.

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