Man had young boy in car with two kilos of cocaine

By Cara Sulieman

A MAN who was found with two kilos of cocaine in his car boot was driving with a 14 year old in the vehicle when he was stopped by police.

Andrew Logan, 46, was stopped by police on Edinburgh city bypass after they received a tip off about his car.

As soon as he was stopped, Logan confessed to officers and showed them the drugs stashed in a bucket in the boot.

Today at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, Logan pled guilty to supplying cocaine on June 22 this year.

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Fife Police seize Class A’s with street value of £500,000

By Christine Lavelle

Police seized more than £500,000 worth of heroin and cocaine during a series of planned drugs raids in Fife.

A 26-year-old man from Kirkcaldy is expected to appear at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court tomorrow (Fri), in connection to the discovery of the class A drugs.

Fife Constabulary confirmed it was part of an ongoing intelligence led operation designed to tackle serious organised crime.

Detective Superintendent Garry McEwan, head of crime management for Fife, said: “The targeting of those involved in drug dealing and organised crime remains a very high priority for Fife Constabulary.

“The misery caused to local communities by this form of criminality cannot be understated, and Fife Constabulary is fully committed to use all available resources to target, disrupt and detect those involved in its supply and distribution as set out in the Force Policing Plan.

“Class A drugs cause significant harm within our local communities and it is these communities that I appeal to now.

“Contact the police if you have information about those involved in serious crime, including drug dealing and we will react and when possible arrest those criminals involved.

“In relation to this particular seizure I would again like to thank our communities for their ongoing support and would urge that members of the public continue to alert us as to their concerns and provide information that would assist us in removing harmful drugs from our streets.

“We will listen and investigate what the public tells us.”

Bad news for Scotland as it tops chart for drugs misuse

By Christine Lavelle

A NEW study has revealed Scotland has some of the worst drug abuse rates than anywhere else in the world – and it keeps getting worse.

An international survey, by the UN, includes results from 200 countries, and shows more people per head use heroin, ecstasy and cocaine in this country than almost every other.

Shocking figures demonstrate that almost four per cent of the population is regularly using the class A drug cocaine, which is the highest recorded anywhere.

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Kids found with drugs on Lothian streets

By Cara Sulieman

CHILDREN as young as 12 have been caught with illegal drugs by police in the capital.

Stop and search checks on kids hanging out on street corners found cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines and mephadrone according to figures released today.

Since the start of the year, around 100 children and young teens have been found in possession of drugs – 25 of whom were aged 15 and under.

The shocking statistics include a 12-year-old in Bathgate who was found with cannabis and a 16-year-old carrying cocaine in the city centre.

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Drugs runner’s failed escape with £35,000 of cocaine

By Michael MacLeod

A DRUGS courier was caught with £35,000 of cocaine after trying to escape and crashing his car.

Mario Houston, 28, was spotted collecting a suspicious package from a van by undercover cops acting on a tip off.

Police swooped as he got back into his car with the drugs, but Houston drove off at speed while one officer was trying to pull the key out of his ignition.

He tried to get away by driving up a kerb and along a pavement, but smashed his Volkswagen Golf into two parked cars.
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Shamed drugs cop Chris McGinn begins jail sentence

By Michael MacLeod

A SCOTS drugs cop choked back tears as he was jailed for 26 months after being sniffed-out by his own colleagues as a cocaine dealer with a £520 per month snorting habit.

Last moment of freedom: McGinn arrives at court

Last moment of freedom: McGinn arrives at court

Shamed ex-police officer Christopher McGinn gave his pals lines of coke in exchange for pints of beer in pub toilets.

The 29 year-old would use an iTunes card to line up the Class-A drug for himself and pals “akin to a round of drinks.”

And when he was exposed by fellow officers at Lothian and Borders Police, he desperately begged them to brush his case under the carpet.

He pleaded: “I’m a cop too. Lose it for me. Lose it for me please.”

But McGinn had been under covert surveillance for a year and saw no alternative but to resign from the force after eight years.

He claimed today (Fri) that being caught forced him to tackle his filthy habit and admitted he had “brought shame on the force.”

But Sheriff Roderick MacLeod told him: “You were serving police officer at the time and therefore you were duty bound to uphold the values expected by society instead of subverting them.”
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Police slate “abhorrent” coke-dealing cop Chris McGinn

By Michael MacLeod

A SCOTS police officer was exposed by his own colleagues as being a cocaine dealer with a £520 per month drug habit.
Christopher McGinn gave his friends lines of coke in exchange for pints of beer in pub toilets.

He used an iTunes card to snort his own.

And when the 29 year-old was busted by colleagues at Lothian and Borders Police, he desperately pleaded with them to hide his case.

He begged them: “I’m a cop too, I’m a cop too. Lose it for me. Lose it for me please.”

But McGinn had been under covert surveillance and saw no other option but to resign from the force after eight years.
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