Call for Westminster to transfer the power of tobacco to Holyrood

SNP plans to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes could lead to a rise in counterfeiting – say critics.

The party hopes to introduce plain packaging for all tobacco companies and force them to display bigger health warnings.

But critics and the tobacco lobby have warned that standardised packaging could also have damaging effects.

They say that it could lead to a price war resulting in increased smoking rates thanks to cheap cigarettes and also to a rise in counterfeiting. Continue reading

Forensics hunt clues after woman’s horror sex attack

By Cara Sulieman

A WOMAN who had popped out for cigarettes was raped on her way back home.

The 34-year-old was walking back from a Scotmid in Edinburgh at around 11pm on Thursday night when she was attacked by a man who ushered her on to a side street before raping her.

Today police cordoned off Balfour Street as they scoured for clues, searching in bins and blocking off the area around where the attack took place.

Detective Chief Inspector John McKenzie said that the woman was “hysterical” after her ordeal and the police were still trying to get more information from her.
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SPL stars join bid to stub out tobacco industry cash handouts

By Michael MacLeod

SCOTLAND’S top footballers have backed a campaign to show the red card to a £300million taxpayer handout to the tobacco trade.

Euro MP Alyn Smith has signed up the skippers from Rangers, Hearts and Aberdeen in a battle against public money supporting tobacco farmers.

David Weir, Michael Stewart and Mark Kerr have all joined the SNP MEP’s campaign, it is hoped could tackle cancer death levels.

Around one third of the population of Europe smokes, and the habit is estimated to be behind one million fatalities.
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Pants-sniffer jailed over “sordid” event

Karim Bourouba

Karim Bourouba

By Cara Sulieman

A GUN toting drunk who demanded a teenage girl’s pants so he could sniff them has been jailed for a year.

Karim Bourouba, 29, subjected the 16-year-old girl to the terrifying ordeal after downing two bottles of champagne and half a bottle of vodka before stumbling upon the girl and her 19-year-old boyfriend as they camped at an Edinburgh beauty spot.

The terrified pair handed over the girl’s pants to Bourouba – who was wielding an imitation handgun he had bought from the internet – before watching as he sniffed them.

Bourouba – who had spent the day drinking at a work party – then forced the couple on a walk around Edinburgh hunting for cigarettes.

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Fire chiefs back fire safe cigarettes

By Alexander Lawrie

FIRE chiefs have given their full-backing to a move to introduce a new safer brand of cigarettes.

Fire safe cigarettes are designed to extinguish themselves if left unattended for a length of time.

Now SNP MSP Stewart Maxwell wants Scotland to become the first country in Europe to introduce the potential life-saving smokes.

Mr Maxwell has lodged a motion with the Scottish Parliament which has the written support of all eight of the country’s fire and rescue services.

Almost half of all deaths caused by fire in Scotland are said to be attributable to smoking.

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