Guests flee as historic hotel destroyed in Linlithgow fire drama

By Christine Lavelle & Clare Carswell

The roof of the hotel collapsed shortly after 9am sending flame shooting into the morning air as the High Street was choked with thick smoke.

Initial reports suggest the fire may have been caused by an electrical fault in a heater in the first floor laundry room.

But the blaze quickly took hold of the rest of the building, and local residents looked on as smoke billowed out of every window.

Hotel owner John Bartlett – is believed to be out of the country on holiday and it is not yet known if he has been made aware.

A sizeable crowd of onlookers gasped when the roof crashed in as fire-fighters tried to douse the inferno at the building adjacent to the town’s train station.

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Scots councils pay for weather forecast

By Cara Sulieman

THREE SCOTS councils are shelling out £90,000 for someone to predict the weather.

Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire Councils are paying the Met Office to provide them with a detailed forecast so they can decide how much grit is needed for roads in their area.

It comes after the country was brought to a standstill last winter when local authorities across Scotland ran out of salt.

But motoring organisations say they need to prepare for a bad winter no matter what the forecast says to avoid a repeat of last year’s chaos.

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Motorists to be careful of dodgy cars

The stolen Audi

The stolen Audi

By Cara Sulieman

DETECTIVES are investigating a spate of dodgy car deals after Scots trying to drive a bargain ended up being fleeced.

Seven people in the Lothian and Borders Police area alone have been stung after buying cars which turned out to be stolen.

Police said all the vehicles had been sold through motor trade magazines like Auto Trader with deals concluded in the Birmingham and Manchester areas heavily involved.

In the latest incident a buyer travelled down from Edinburgh to Manchester to look at an Audi A3 they saw advertised on the Auto Trader website.

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