Scotland’s Storm Lee shows Braveheart in bid to win X Factor

By Christine Lavelle

SCOTS X FACTOR hopeful Storm Lee Gardner is gearing up for tomorrow night’s live show final by watching re-runs of hit film Braveheart.

He also wants to wear a kilt to perform on stage but has so far been thwarted by show bosses.

Older brother Gary Gardener, 40, who will be in the audience, said it was his way of trying to psyche himself up and counter the loneliness of being the only Scot left on the show.

Gary, from Sighthill in Edinburgh, said he thinks his younger brother Storm has been performing “incredibly well” on the show and all he needs to do now is to keep his focus.

He also travelled to London last weekend for the live shows with stepdaughter Shian, 25, and two children Amy, 14, Danny, 12, but only got a few minutes to speak to 37-year-old Storm.

He said: “I think he might be struggling a bit and is finding it hard to keep his focus because he is a bit lonely as he is the only Scot left in the competition, but I think seeing all of us there cheering him on really helped.

“He has been watching Braveheart repeatedly for the past couple of weeks, and really wanted to wear a kilt on stage but the show producers wouldn’t let him.” Continue reading


Locals in Tillicoultry all turn out for Gamu

By Amanda MacMillan

GAMU fever swept her adopted hometown of Tillicoultry in Clackmannanshire on Wednesday as around 100 fans gathered outside her flat in a defiant show of support for the X Factor sensation.

Toddlers, schoolkids and silver haired grannies flocked armed with hand painted posters calling for her to be allowed to stay in the competition – and the UK.

Gamu faces being deported after allegations her mum Nokuthula Ngazana claimed benefits which she shouldn’t have.

Under the terms of a visa allowing the family to live in Britain the UK Border Agency are now said to moving to send them back to poverty in Zimbabwe. Continue reading

Susan Boyle backs X Factor sensation Gamu Nhengu


By Amanda MacMillan

SCOTS superstar Susan Boyle has thrown her backing behind X Factor sensation Gamu Nhengu ahead of tomorrow night’s show.

The heartbroken 18-year-old has been left waiting for a miracle after being denied her place among the finalists in a row over her immigration status.

But while thousands flocked to signs petitions and join Facebook pages backing the talented teenager, her biggest boost came from Subo.

Asked if she thought that Gamu and her family should be allowed to stay in Scotland and stay in the competition, she said: “Well I think that’s the opinion of everyone at the moment.”

“I cannot really comment on it as it wouldn’t be fair to the family.”

“But it’s a shame – she is very talented.” Continue reading

Gamu still praying for an X-Factor miracle as Pastor steps in

By Amanda MacMillan

X FACTOR star Gamu Nhengu and her family have turned to God as the battle to keep her dream alive goes on.

18-year-old Gamu is being counselled by her local Pastor as the frenzy of her being booted off the show and out of the UK reaches its peak ahead of tomorrow’s (sat) finals.

Pastor John Locke from Hillfoots Evangelical Church in Tillicoultry told how he has been helping the deeply religious family cope with the pressure of the last few days as they pray for a miracle that will help keep them in the country.

He said: “I have had an intimate discussion with the family. Continue reading

Scots singer makes it to final stages of X Factor

By Christine Lavelle

A CAREERS advisor from Edinburgh could be headed for stardom after making it into this year’s X Factor final.

Mark McGregor, 21, received four yes’s from the celebrity panel of judges: Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole, and guest Geri Halliwell, who stood in for Dannii Minogue during the latter part of her pregnancy.

The Scots singer was told by the show’s boss Simon Cowell that it was singers like him that kept them coming back to audition in Scotland.

Mark, who lives in Niddrie, is a personal careers coach at Action4Employment in Tollcross, and said he has received nothing but support from friends and family since revealing he made it to the final stages of the competition. Continue reading

William Wallace loses to Cheryl Cole in fame fight

By Cara Sulieman

SCOTLAND’S children know more about celebrities like Cheryl Cole than they do national heroes according to new research.

A poll of 1,000 primary school kids showed that 91 per-cent of them recognised the X Factor judge, but just 28 per-cent were able to name William Wallace.

The group behind the study are blaming the education system for the lack of knowledge – saying students need to spend more time experiencing the subject.

The children, aged between nine and 11, were asked to identify the two famous figures at various events during the year.

While Cheryl Cole was instantly recognisable to most, Wallace was a lot harder for the schoolkids to name.
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Cheryl Cole strips in The Beano comic

By Michael MacLeod

SINGER Cheryl Cole is set to star in Scots comic The Beano as Minnie the Minx’s new sidekick.

The Girls Aloud star will team up with the Beano bad girl in a series of cartoon strips published from next month.

Dundee-based publishers DC Thomson spotted her sporting a red and black striped outfit in her video for “Fight For This Love.”
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