Man dies following car crash into front garden

By Clare Carswell

A MAN has died after crashing his car into a front garden following a suspected heart attack.

The 51 year-old is believed to have suffered a heart attack while behind the wheel of his BMW causing him to veer off the road at Edinburgh’s Drumbrae round-a-bout around 6am today (tues).

His car ploughed through a metal railing and a stone wall before stopping a few feet away from the front door of Meadow Place House at the corner of Meadow Place Road and Corstorphine Road.

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Woman cut from car after smash with van

Firefighters cut the roof off a car to free a trapped woman

By Martin Graham

A WOMAN had to be cut free by rescuers yesterday after she was trapped in her car following a crash with a van

Emergency services staff had to cut the roof off the car in order to safely remove the 45-year-old so her injuries could be treated.

The woman was trapped for an hour as firefighters tried to free her.

Paramedics treated the woman for back injuries at the scene then she was taken by ambulance to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

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Helicopter lifts rally driver to hospital after smash

By Paul Thornton

A RALLY car navigator was recovering in hospital last night after a horror crash at an event in Berwickshire.

Andy Richardson was pulled from the wreck by rally workers after the Fiesta R2 he was co-driving smashed into a tree during the Jim Clark Rally on Saturday.

Mr Richardson was pulled from the wrecked car and airlifted to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary by air ambulance following the smash near Duns around 11am.

He was being treated for back injuries although they are not thought to be life threatening, while the racing driver Peter Taylor was uninjured.

Mr Richardson, from Penrith, was guiding Mr Taylor, from Carlisle, in the driver’s first ever rally season when the crash happened. Continue reading

Schoolboy left “hobbling” after janitor’s crash

By Michael MacLeod
A JANITOR who drove over a schoolboy’s toes has been fined for fleeing the scene of an accident.
Ronald Greig, 51, left the nine year-old primary school pupil “hobbling” with cuts and bruises on his feet.
The janitor claimed he didn’t see the youngster, but got a £400 fine and five penalty points after pleading guilty yesterday (Wed) to failing to report an accident.
The boy was returning to school to find a phone after being locked out his house, Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard.

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Dazed driver survives near-death plunge

chopperBy Michael MacLeod

A DRIVER sparked a dramatic rescue after first crashing his car into a truck before wandering dazed on foot across a busy railway line then finally plunging down a 150ft cliff in the pitch dark.

He had a miracle escape after police stumbled across his abandoned silver hatchback on the A90 dual carriageway 10-miles south of Aberdeen after a worried Royal Mail trucker earlier reported being clipped by the car at 10.20pm about a mile away.

But worried police could find no sign of the driver sparking a huge hunt which saw an RAF Sea King helicopter scrambled from Lossiemouth and Coastguard rescue boat and rope teams drafted in to join in the cliff hunt.

Thanks to infra red technology it took the chopper crew just seven minutes to find the driver at Hall Bay, perched confused and lost more than half way down the Muchalls cliffs at 3.45am yesterday (Thursday).
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Plucky pooch’s leg gets saved

Evelyn (left) with her beloved Punch and leg-saving vet Andrew Hogg (right)

Evelyn (left) with her beloved Punch and leg-saving vet Andrew Hogg (right)

By Cara Sulieman

A PLUCKY pooch is back on his feet after almost losing his leg in a horror road accident thanks to a team of skilled surgeons who carried out their longest ever operation to save him.

Punch, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, ran out the front door of his owner’s home when their son answered the door to a visitor and ran straight onto a road.

He was hit by a passing van, breaking his shoulder in three places and leaving the beloved pet fighting for his life.


His owner, Evelyn McPherson, said: “My son was distraught.

“Punch was just lying in the road covered in blood and howling in pain.

“His face was cut and he was in a really bad way, we were terrified we might lose him.”

Evelyn rushed the nine-month old pup to the PDSA PetAid hospital in Edinburgh where Punch was given pain killers and x-rayed.

They realised that the impact had broken the dog’s shoulder in three places and warned there was every chance the leg would have to be removed.

Four and a half hour operation

After a night in intensive care Punch endured a marathon four and a half hour operation to put his broken shoulder bone back together.

Veterinary Surgeon Andrew Hogg said it was the longest surgery carried out at the hospital and was a challenge for all the staff involved.

He said: “Punch’s injuries were extremely serious. The impact of the vehicle had broken his scapula into three pieces.

“Without surgery he wouldn’t have been able to walk again and might have lost his leg altogether.

“His operation was one of the most complex I’ve ever done and the longest the team at Edinburgh PetAid hospital have ever undergone.

“The shoulder blade is a very flat bone, so it isn’t like fixing a broken leg. We had to use orthopaedic wire and pins to piece everything back together.

“One wrong move and we might have had to amputate, but thankfully the operation was a success.”


After surgery, Punch was kept in for several days observation and to get used to the sling he had to wear.

Once at home, the young pup went back to the hospital for check ups twice a week.

Evelyn said: “We were really pleased to bring Punch home but it took him a while to get back to his usual self.

“He was off his food and extremely subdued – I don’t think he liked his sling very much.”

Hobbling about

After six weeks of hobbling around, Punch has been given the all clear and is back to his usual boisterous self.

But if it wasn’t for the free veterinary service provided by the PDSA, it might have been a very different story.

Evelyn said: “I can’t thank PDSA enough for everything they’ve done. This operation cost PDSA about £2,500,

“I don’t know what we would have done without them.

“We’re keeping a careful eye on him now so he stays out of trouble.”

Family plan graveside birthday ‘celebration’

Deborah Kempik

By Alexander Lawrie

THE FAMILY of a teenager killed in a horror car crash are planning an emotional graveside ceremony to mark what would have been her 20th birthday.

Elaine and George Kempik admit they were left “heartbroken” by the death of their only daughter Deborah two years ago and still visit her grave every day.

Deborah was just 18 when she was killed after a head-on crash in West Lothian in July, 2007.

The distraught family is now planning to light candles and release 20 balloons by her graveside tomorrow. (Sat 21/02)

The pretty teenager died after the smash on the “death trap” road between Armadale and Whitburn.

Since the accident police have introduced a 50mph speed limit to the road, but Mrs Kempik, 50, said more still needs to be done to make the stretch safer.

She said: “We all miss her every single day. She was a very vibrant, outgoing girl who was cruelly taken away. She was loved by everyone who knew her. It’s very hard to know we’ll never see her again.

“We thought it would be a nice thing to do to remember her. One of the last times all her friends were together was on her 18th birthday.

“We visit her every day and we light candles. It’s very difficult not to have her here, especially on her own birthday.”

Mrs Kempik said the whole family was still struggling to come to terms about her daughter’s death, admitting Deborah had been her “best friend” and the baby of the family.

She left two older brothers, George and Alan.

She said: “Her brothers still miss her very much, but they are coping. We all looked on Deborah as the ‘wean’ as she was the youngest.

“When she was a baby, she had a heart murmur, so we had to be very careful with her, but she didn’t let it hold her back.

“She was the life and soul of the party. She had lots of friends, and was attending West Lothian College and studying childcare.

“She was thoroughly enjoying herself and wanted to get into nursery teaching. She was also involved in a local drama group as she loved being on stage.”

The teenage driver of the car, Jamie McGill suffered serious head injuries after the head-on smash.

A passenger in the other car was also treated for injuries.

Mrs Kempik said: “They need to do some work on the road before another serious accident happens.”