Scotland’s hidden photographic treasures go online

By Michael MacLeod

A HUGE slice of Scottish photographic history has been uploaded onto the internet in a bid to share the nation’s history with the world.

Over 2,000 previously archived pictures were posted onto the Flickr photo-sharing website by the National Library of Scotland yesterday (TUESDAY).

The formerly hidden treasures include the last letter of Mary Queen of Scots, World War One photographs and an image of the chilling order for the massacre of Glencoe.

Library bosses decided to post the pictures online using Flickr’s Commons licence, meaning anybody can use them for non-commercial purposes.
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Inmates favourite books revealed

By Cara Sulieman

PRISONERS at one of Scotland’s toughest prisons have been thumbing through the pages of a thrillers, football biographies and CRIME novels as they while away their sentences in jail.

Inmates at Saughton prison have been taking advantage of their award-winning library as waiting lists the purpose-built facility reach record lengths.

And the choice of reading material ranges from football autobiographies to crime thrillers set in the heart of the capital.

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown tops the list as prisoners queue up to read the follow up to popular Da Vinci Code.

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Fans’ chance to party with Rankin at his 50th

By Michael MacLeod

CRIME writing king Ian Rankin has booked out a library to host his 50th birthday bash – and plans to serve up free booze to his fans.

The Rebus author is inviting readers to a free party in his local library in Edinburgh where he penned some of his most famous chilling scenes.

The generous novelist is even laying on free drinks to anyone who joins in the birthday celebrations.

The event next Tuesday (April 27) will see Rankin talking about his life and work with literary agent Jenny Brown.

He said he specifically chose to hold his party at the capital’s Central Library for its role in providing inspiration for his best-selling series of crime novels.
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Rankin gears up for 2010 world tour and ponders Rebus return

By Michael MacLeod

CRIME writer Ian Rankin has revealed his plans for a world tour in 2010 – and dropped another hint that his hit Detective Rebus could return.

The Edinburgh author was hoping for a year-off between books, but instead will find himself taking his book tour global.

Stops will include readings and literary festivals in India, Sri Lanka, Barcelona, Germany, France and Italy.

Rankin, 49, joked: “It will be great for my air miles, but meaning a lot of carbon offsetting.”
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Chef Gordon Ramsay’s triple Michelin star career is finally toast

By Shaun Milne

HE IS the potty mouthed award winning Scots chef who has earned a galaxy of coveted Michelin Stars for his fine dining restaurants across the UK – but it seems that Gordon Ramsay’s success laden career is finally toast.

A dinner place at the Chef’s Table at his Maze restaurant in London’s Grosvenor Square may cost £125 per head or £150 at the famed Claridges restaurant.

But his latest contribution to the world of gastronomic excellence is a humble toaster costing £60 for a two sliced model or a crisp £85 to upgrade to the four-sliced option.Hire our photographers for your PR event - 0131 561 2230

In a slick marketing puff a million miles away from the expletive laden TV shows he has become famous for, customers are told: “Cooking has always been Gordon Ramsay’s passion – and his no-nonsense approach in the kitchen is legendary”.


“This award winning chef knows just what it takes to get those kitchen tasks done quickly and easily.

“Using high quality kitchen appliances is a must – and now you can confidently step up to the plate with the exciting Gordon Ramsay Professional range of kitchen appliances, designed to give you and your kitchen that all-important cutting edge.”

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Chris Hoy meets nephew of old rival

Chris Hoy with Adrian Eadie, right and his sister Rachael, left

Chris Hoy with Adrian Eadie, right and his sister Rachael, left

By Cara Sulieman

CYCLING legend Chris Hoy met the nephew of an old rival when he went to open a new school library.

Whilst touring the school, 11-year-old Adrian Eadie approached the Olympic gold medal winner with a picture of his uncle and Sir Chris racing against each other.

With Hoy clearly out in front, Mr Eadie was two places behind, desperately trying to catch up with the world champion.

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‘Trainspotting’ creator wants sequel


By Michael MacLeod,

A SEQUEL to Trainspotting WILL happen, according to the man who wrote the original film.

Irvine Welsh has revealed he’s itching to resurrect the lives of Scotland’s favourite rave-loving junkie pals Renton, Sick Boy and Begbie.

The writer plans to turn his novel ‘Porno’ into a follow-up of the iconic 1996 Scottish when he meets up with its producer and script-writer in spring.

There were worries Ewan McGregor, who played junkie Renton in the original, wouldn’t take part unless the storyline made him the star, while director Danny Boyle said he thought the actors had become too clean-cut.

But Welsh insisted in a weekend interview that he will make it happen by writing “the killer script.”

He’s meeting Trainspotting’s producer Andrew Macdonald and scriptwriter John Hodge to work on part-two.

He said: “Andrew, John and myself are going to make Trainspotting 2 happen.

“We’ve agreed to go away in the spring and sit down for a couple of days to knock out a screenplay.

“The idea is we’ll get a good screenplay and pass that onto Trainspotting director Danny Boyle, and if he likes it we’ll look at ways to raise money to get the actors on board.”

The original film followed the lives of a group of Edinburgh heroin addicts and became an instant hit when it was released in 1996.

Many of the stellar cast, which included Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle and Kelly Macdonald, went on to carve out a successful film careers.

After the film’s surprise success, Macdonald and Boyle went on to produce a string of films together, including The Beach and 28 Days Later, while McGregor became a superstar even before his central role in Star Wars.

But McGregor will take some convincing to agree to act as Renton again, after slating the Porno novel in an outburst in 2007.

He said: “I would be loath to do anything that would damage Trainspotting.

“I love it too much to make a poor sequel and I didn’t think the follow-up to the book was that good.”

Further doubt was cast on a sequel in November when film maker Danny Boyle said the actors had become too dapper in their millionaire lifestyles to play drug addicts.

He’s worried the original actors won’t look convincing as rave-loving junkies anymore.

He said: “They’re in the sauna on the weekend, they’re moisturising and they do look very well kept, so it wouldn’t work at the moment.

“You’d have to do so much make up and stuff to change them enough.”

But Welsh is refusing to give up hope, saying he’s willing to rise to McGregor’s diva-demands and give him a bigger role.

He said: “I was surprised Ewan had a bit of a go.

“The problem for him is that there is no real role for Renton in it; that was something he expressed to me.

“If it was going to appeal to Ewan we’d have to rectify that in the screenplay and give Renton a more substantial role – and I don’t think we’d want to do a film sequel without Ewan.

“If we get a killer script then the actors will like it. If we don’t, then they won’t.”