Heather’s killer to serve a minimum of 25 years in jail

By Michael MacLeod

A CHILD abuser who chopped his fiancee’s body into pieces and dumped her remains in three shopping bags has been jailed for life.

Killer Alan Cameron, 56, was told he will serve a minimum of 25-years for murdering 44-year-old Heather Stacey at her Edinburgh home in December 2007.

He kept her body in the flat for over a year before trying to hide the evidence.

Cameron always denied killing Heather but admitted the gruesome disposal of her body.

Jurors found him unanimously guilty last month having being shown chilling images of her badly decomposed head after it was found in an Ikea bag by a dog walker in Newhaven’s Hawthornvale path on Hogmanay 2008.

Relatives of the mum-of-four wept as Lord Matthews delivered his sentence at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Cries of “Yes, get in,” and “beast” could be heard from the public gallery as Cameron, dressed in a green shirt, was led away.

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Heather’s bones binned by bungling cleaners

By Paul Thornton

MISSING bones from the body of tragic Heather Stacey were chucked out by workers hired to clear out her flat after she was evicted.

The murdered 44-year-old was given the boot from the Edinburgh flat weeks before her dismembered remains were found scattered across the capital.

And when council bosses sent in a squad of cleaners to empty the property for new tenants in December 2008 their bungling workers found a bone belonging to the mother-of-four.

Instead of reporting the gruesome find –thought to be part of Heather’s arm – the firm simply took it to a waste disposal site and it has never been seen again.

Heather moved into the flat in January 2007 but lost contact with family and support workers towards the end of that year.

Little was anyone to know that her fiancé Alan Cameron, 56, had murdered the woman he was supposed to love.

It is not known how Cameron killed Heather but she died sometime between November 29 and December 11, 2007. Continue reading

Man Guilty Of Heather Stacey Head In The Bag Murder

by Paul Thornton, at the High Court in Livingston

THE devastated family of head in the bag murder victim Heather Stacey tonight called for her killer to be jailed “for a long time”.

Describing her as a “loving mother, daughter, sister and friend” they said they had been left bereft at knowing the suffering she endured at the hands of evil Alan Cameron.

Senior police chiefs who finally snared the 56 year old killer despite a horrific task trying to figure out just what had happened to her described Cameron as “inhumane”.

And the murderous shop worker was warned he faces a lengthy jail term when he returns to the High Court in Edinburgh for sentence next month.

Cameron was found guilty by a majority jury today of killing Heather at her home in Royston Mains Place in December 2007 following a five day trial at the High Court in Livingston.

It emerged this evening that he had previously been jailed for six and a half years at the High Court in Glasgow for abusing three young girls.

He was jailed for sexual offences against children and put on the sexual offences register after being caged in November 1995 at the High Court in Glasgow.

Cameron was released from jail in June 1999 but made subject to the sex offenders register for life. Continue reading

Jury Urged To Convict Fiance Over Head In The Bag Murder

By Paul Thornton, at the High Court in Livingston

A JURY has been urged to convict a man of murdering his fiancée before he cut up her body and dumped the remains.

Advocate depute Alex Prentice QC told jurors sitting at the Heather Stacey murder trial that a conviction was the only “just and proper” ending following five days of evidence at the High Court in Livingston.

Shop worker Alan Cameron, 56, already admits dismembering the 44-year-old’s body after hiding it for a year at her flat in the capital’s Royston Mains.

Her scattered and dismembered remains were later found in three bags dumped in the Granton area of Edinburgh on Hogmanay 2008 by dog walkers.

DISMEMBERED: Heather Stacey

He also admits texting a woman pretending to be Heather and stole almost £5,000 from her Post Office account while her corpse remained in the bedroom of her flat. Continue reading

Heather Stacey murder accused claims she had heart attack

By Paul Thornton

MURDER accused Alan Cameron claims that Heather Stacey died while he was out buying her chips.

Cameron, 56, said he left the 44-year-old for just 20 minutes to pick up the food and when he returned she was dead.

He claims that he did not tell police about the death because he “panicked” over an outstanding arrest warrant for him.

But he insisted that he did not assault her and told cops that he assumed she had died from heart failure as a result of heavy drinking.

Cameron made the claims during an interview which was read the jury at Heather’s murder trial at the High Court in Livingston today (Friday).

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“Split personality” of murder accused

By Paul Thornton

MURDER accused Alan Cameron broke the news that Heather Stacey’s head had been found dumped on a path to work colleagues as if “talking about the weather”, it was claimed yesterday.

Sales assistant Megan Nolan, 22, told the High Court in Livingston the dad-of-two was “completely calm” despite it being found only yards from the Spar shop where he worked on Hogmanay 2008.

Miss Nolan said: “It was about a couple minutes walk along the road. I was in the big freezer in the back shop and Alan came through to tell me.

“I can’t remember if it had been on the news or if a customer had come in and said about it. He just told me like it was just talking about the weather. It just came naturally.

“I didn’t think it had anything to do with Alan at that stage.

“He was completely calm.”

The court heard Cameron, 56, got a job at the Spar in Edinburgh’s Lindsay Road on September 11, 2008 – nine months after prosecutors say he killed 44-year-old Heather.

Before her remains were finally discovered he would show colleagues pictures of Heather and tell them about buying flowers and taking her to the cinema. Continue reading

Jurors see head pictures in murder trial

By Paul Thornton

GRUESOME photographs of head in the bag victim Heather Stacey were shown to a jury sitting at her murder trial yesterday.

Two graphic images showing the 44-year-old’s head lying beside a blue Ikea bag on a footpath in Edinburgh revealed the disturbing state of her badly decomposed remains.

Heather’s thinning, dyed red hair could be seen along with the discolouration of her skin in the pictures.

The eyes in her head were also missing.

Judge Lord Matthews yesterday (Tuesday) warned the eight women and seven men of the jury that the two photographs were “disturbing” before they were directed to them in books lodged as productions in the case.

Lord Matthews also checked that there were no members of the mum-of-four’s family in the public benches before allowing the images to be shown on two large-screen monitors in the court room.

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