Scottish soldiers join forces with Afghan National Police

2 Scots joined forces with the Afghan National Police to drive out insurgants

SCOTTISH soldiers joined forces with the Afghan National Police to claim back a huge part of the country from the Taleban.

In just a few hours they drove out insurgents, arrested key leaders of the terrorist group and seized a massive haul of drugs and weapons.

Operation ZMARAY SARAK 5 saw three security forces come together, including the 2 Scots the Royal Highland Fusiliers.

Three drugs runners were captured along with 250 kilogrammes of heroin in the first part of the process to clear the area around Lashkar Gah in Helmand Province.

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Decanter of whisky expected to raise thousands for charity

The unique combination is expected to make $100,000 at auction.

A DECANTER of whisky is expected to reach more than £61,981 ($100,000) at auction after being showcased around the world.

The unique crystal decanter holds 1.5 liters of rare Macallan 64 year old whisky.

The estimate means that each dram of the spirit costs £1,032 ($1,666).

Raising money for charity:water, it has been touring the world in the last year to whip up interest in the auction.

At every stop along the way a 10cl bottle of the rare spirit has been auctioned off along with two special tumblers.

In Taipei it went for a whopping £25,408 ($41,000) and so far the auctions have raised £89,845 ($145,000).

But it Monday’s auction that is expected to raise the most for the charity, which provides access to clean, safe drinking water in developing nations.

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Mystery glider pilot almost downed Typhoon fighters

A MYSTERY glider pilot came close to downing two of the RAF’s new £65m super jets, a report has revealed.

The Typhoon fighters were flying in formation and had to manoeuvre violently to avoiding hitting the glider, according to the report by air accident investigators.

The pilot of one of the 1,300mph jets reported that the risk of hitting the glider had been “high”.

Incredibly, the glider was flying on the runway approach to RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire, and did not have the correct equipment to warn other aircraft of its presence.

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Islay distillery becomes self-sufficient by generating electricity from waste

A SCOTTISH distillery will shortly become the first in the world to go completely green by creating its own electricity from the whisky-making process.

The plan to create volts from malts involves using waste products from distillation to generate power.

Bruichladdich distillery on Islay says the £300,000 project will create enough electricity to export to local homes, cut the cost of transporting waste, and benefit the environment.

The firm has teamed up with a company called BioWayste to turn the waste, called pot ale, into useful power.

The pot ale, rich in protein and carbohydrates, has previously been dumped into the sea.

Although the dumping is not in itself harmful, turning the pot ale into electricity to drive the distillery means less power has to be taken from the grid.

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Council leader to put high-speed rail link on agenda at meeting with Scottish Secretary

A high-speed rail link to Scotland’s capital will be discussed at a meeting between the Scottish Secretary and city chiefs this week.

Edinburgh Council leader Jenny Dawe will discuss the plan with the Secretary of State for Scotland, Michael Moore, tomorrow (Thursday).

Last week Councillor Dawe and the leader of Glasgow City Council, Gordon Matheson, updated MSPs on what is required to build the high speed rail connections to Scotland.

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Organisers unveil the Edinburgh Hogmanay programme

BILLY Bragg, The Charlatans, KT Tunstall and Biffy Clyro will headline Edinburgh’s world famous Hogmanay celebration.

The huge street party will also feature a series of new events to be held on the first of January, dubbed One Day.

REPORT: Clare Carswell

MSPs to press ministers for Lockerbie probe

MSPs are to demand a detailed explanation from the Scottish Government of why they oppose an independent inquiry into the conviction of the Lockerbie bomber.

Leading campaigners today (Tue) presented the parliament’s petitions committee with more than 1,600 signatures backing the move.

Members of the Justice For Megrahi group (JFM) told MSPs a full, independent inquiry was the only way to restore the reputation of the Scottish legal system.

Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who was convicted of the December 1988 bombing, dropped his second appeal and returned to his homeland after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

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Edinburgh’s Hogmanay full programme announced

BILLY Bragg, The Charlatans, KT Tunstall and Biffy Clyro will headline Edinburgh’s world famous Hogmanay celebration.

The huge street party will also feature a series of new events to be held on the first of January, dubbed One Day.

Fife singer/songwriter Tunstall will be the leading lady of the One Day celebrations in a concert which is to showcase Scotland’s finest singers, songwriters, poets and writers.

There will also be a number of smaller events that will incorporate the newly named Resolution Square at  the Mound in the space between the  National Gallery and the Royal Scottish Academy. 

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Google street view of Gordon Brown’s home to be blacked out

INTERNET giants Google have been forced into blacking out details of former PM Gordon Brown’s home from its controversial Street View mapping service.

They acted within days of Mr Brown’s security team being tipped off on detailed images showing security cameras and even armed guards patrolling at the rural property in Fife

A Street View image of his Fife home clearly showed armed police patrolling the garden, pinpointing the location for online snoopers.

The pictures also allowed detailed examination of the gate and other security measures at the property, where Brown’s children now live since switching schools from London to Scotland. Continue reading

Podcast: Deadline Business Page Round-Up

Friday 5th November

Here are some of the main business stories hitting the headlines today: