Woman swindled money from trusting neighbour

A WOMAN swindled more than £300 from a clueless neighbour’s bank account while he believed she was out running errands for him.

Emma Brown, 28, also tried to steal more money from Sir Michael Brady’s account but got the pin number wrong.

Sir Brady – who paid to have his name changed to ‘Sir’ by Deed Poll, is a Doctor of Law and Philosophy, and said he felt betrayed by someone he once believed was his friend.

He said: “I trusted her with my account and my money and she broke that.

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Former professional ice hockey player punched cab window

A FORMER professional ice hockey player has been ordered to pay compensation to a taxi driver whose window he punched.

Ryan Ford – who used to play for Braehead Paisley Pirates – punched the window “in frustration” after a row with friends during a night out.

The 30-year-old pled guilty to malicious damage on the first day of his trial at Edinburgh Sheriff Court today.

The court heard that he had been at a friend’s house with a number of people – including his girlfriend – before falling out with them and deciding to go home.

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CCTV cameras installed at site where delivery driver was killed

SECURITY cameras have been placed around the area where takeaway delivery driver Simon San was taunted and killed by a teenager.

Mr San, 40, died in August after being hit with a single blow to the face, which caused him to stumble backwards and crack his skull outside the Yong Hua Garden takeaway in Lochend Avenue, Edinburgh.

His killer, 16-year-old John Reid, was sentenced to five years’ detention last month at the High Court in Glasgow, where he pleaded guilty to culpable homicide.

The new CCTV cameras have been combined with an increased police presence to deter antisocial behaviour, and local business owners say they have noticed a drop in groups of underage drinkers around the area.

Peter Swanson, manager of the Loch Inn pub next to the spot where Mr San lost his life, said: “It is definitely an encouraging start, but it should have happened years ago, not because of a death. Continue reading

Man mugged in underpass as he was walking to work

A 30-YEAR-OLD man was assaulted and robbed as he walked through an underpass in Edinburgh on his way to work.

Two men, described as being eastern European, attacked the man and stole his wallet and mobile phone.

The mugging happened at around 9.30pm yesterday, in the underpass running beneath Calder Road, near the Bankhead Industrial Estate.

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Army wives walk tall in support of the White Hackle charity

A GROUP of 13 women took to the streets of Edinburgh for a charity walk to show their support and solidarity for soldiers serving in Afghanistan – including their husbands.

They got together at Edinburgh Castle’s Esplanade to begin the nine mile stretch, raising cash for White Hackle, a charity set up to support injured soldiers and their families.

Michelle Gray, 36, is married to Sergeant Stuart Gray, who has been in Afghanistan for six weeks, she said: “It’s a cause close to all of our hearts as all the money we raise will go to families who are distressed or have wounded men returning.

“I think it’s important for us to have this support mechanism as all of these women are going through exactly the same thing as me.

“We’ve all got young families and husbands who are away, so doing this is really important to us all. Continue reading

Podcast: Deadline Business Page Round-Up

Friday 5th November

Here are some of the main business stories hitting the headlines today: