Burke and Hare real-life remains kept at Edinburgh museums

By Christine Lavelle

Burke and Hare, starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis, is released in the UK on October 30.

Images come from Edinburgh University’s Anatomy Museum and the Surgeon’s Hall:

Troops gear up for CO’s final Royal Mile homecoming parade

By Clare Carswell

THE MAN in charge of 1 SCOTS during a gruelling six month tour of Afghanistan will lead his troops on an emotional homecoming parade down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh today (sat) – before standing down as Commanding Officer.

Lieutenant Colonel Charlie Herbert – who lost three men while on deployment – said he was “immensely proud” of his warriors and thanked the anticipated thousands expected to greet them today.

Speaking as preparations geared up with a march through Colinton yesterday (fri), he said: “Marching in Edinburgh is always a delight.

“It is our home, the city where the Royal Scots was formed in 1633, and where many of our soldiers are from.

“We are hugely proud of our association with the people of Edinburgh, and I grateful to them for coming out in force to support their Battalion.

“The First Battalion has had a tough tour in Afghanistan.

“Three soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice, others suffered life changing injuries. On a day like today, we inevitably think of them and their families.

“They will never be forgotten.” Continue reading

Edinburgh University student was child porn thrill seeker

By Cara Sulieman

A STUDENT who was caught with more than 1,000 sick images of underage girls and initially denied having the porn has been spared jail.

Jonathan Wright, 19, finally admitted to police he had downloaded them for the “thrill” when he was arrested in November last year.

SHAMED: Jonathan Wright

The Edinburgh University student told officers that he had downloaded the sick pictures to “see if they were real”.

And today (fri) at Edinburgh Sheriff Court the Geology student was sentenced to three years probation and 200 hours community service for possession of the images between August 26 and November 17 last year.

The court heard that the teenager downloaded the vile images after a “relationship break down”.

Defence agent Colm Dempsey said: “He experienced a traumatic relationship break down and then he engaged looking at adult pornography which deteriated into looking at these images. Continue reading

Guests flee as historic hotel destroyed in Linlithgow fire drama

By Christine Lavelle & Clare Carswell

The roof of the hotel collapsed shortly after 9am sending flame shooting into the morning air as the High Street was choked with thick smoke.

Initial reports suggest the fire may have been caused by an electrical fault in a heater in the first floor laundry room.

But the blaze quickly took hold of the rest of the building, and local residents looked on as smoke billowed out of every window.

Hotel owner John Bartlett – is believed to be out of the country on holiday and it is not yet known if he has been made aware.

A sizeable crowd of onlookers gasped when the roof crashed in as fire-fighters tried to douse the inferno at the building adjacent to the town’s train station.

Others counted themselves lucky to have escaped in time. Continue reading

Whisky no more as thief plunders the world’s oldest malt

By Cara Sulieman & Shaun Milne

A RARE limited edition bottle of the world’s oldest whisky has been stolen at a prestigious European trade fair.

The precious malt – worth £385 a nip – was one of the main attractions at the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival which was held in Stockholm last weekend

Shocked exhibitors discovered the vintage Mortlach 70 Years Old was lifted from a table by a thief when no one was watching.

The attractive looking 20cl decanter was simply taken from the tasting table of Swedish importers Symposium at the weekend.

It was reported to local police, but so far no trace has been found.

Distillers Gordon and MacPhail behind the classic ‘Generations’ range of whisky revealed it will be almost impossible for anyone to sell the bottle on because it is so rare.

The thief also left behind vital packaging and certificate, a must for any serious buyer.

One of just 162, it was part of a limited number of bottles made by the company under their “Generations” range. Continue reading

Scotland’s Storm Lee shows Braveheart in bid to win X Factor

By Christine Lavelle

SCOTS X FACTOR hopeful Storm Lee Gardner is gearing up for tomorrow night’s live show final by watching re-runs of hit film Braveheart.

He also wants to wear a kilt to perform on stage but has so far been thwarted by show bosses.

Older brother Gary Gardener, 40, who will be in the audience, said it was his way of trying to psyche himself up and counter the loneliness of being the only Scot left on the show.

Gary, from Sighthill in Edinburgh, said he thinks his younger brother Storm has been performing “incredibly well” on the show and all he needs to do now is to keep his focus.

He also travelled to London last weekend for the live shows with stepdaughter Shian, 25, and two children Amy, 14, Danny, 12, but only got a few minutes to speak to 37-year-old Storm.

He said: “I think he might be struggling a bit and is finding it hard to keep his focus because he is a bit lonely as he is the only Scot left in the competition, but I think seeing all of us there cheering him on really helped.

“He has been watching Braveheart repeatedly for the past couple of weeks, and really wanted to wear a kilt on stage but the show producers wouldn’t let him.” Continue reading

Paul the Binman vows to fight on whatever legal outcome

By Amanda MacMillan

A BINMAN who was sacked by council bosses for slating them online during a bitter pay dispute has vowed to continue his legal fight – even if he loses an industrial tribunal against them.

Paul French, 50, who used the alias ‘Paul the Binman’ to post online comments and write letters against City of Edinburgh Council’s pay plans for bin staff, was sacked for gross misconduct.

BIN IT TO WIN IT: Paul French

Council chiefs said his comments had breached their code of conduct and may have undermined the organisation.

But Mr French – was represented himself at his jobs hearing this week – said even if he loses he will continue to speak out.

He said: “I think it (tribunal) went the way anything would go with anyone taking on the huge council with all its legal representation by themselves.

“But I think there is still quite a way to go if the tribunal doesn’t go my way.

“It’s not the end.

“I think I will be getting legal representation.” Continue reading

Five rushed to hospital after car flips into ditch on A1 near Tranent

By Christine Lavelle & Amanda MacMillan

FIVE people have been taken to hospital after their car somersaulted off the road before landing in a ditch early this morning (fri).

The accident happened at around 3.30am on an A1 off-road heading eastbound towards Tranent in East Lothian.

All occupants of the green coloured Peugeot 206 – said to be in their late teens and early 20s – were taken to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

The female driver had to be cut free from the car by the fire service and suffered “multiple” injuries.

Her condition was described as being “serious”. Continue reading