Gamu fears over Mugabe “firing squad”

Gamu and her family have the support of their community as they face deportation

By Cara Sulieman

SCOTTISH singer Gamu Nhengu has told how she fears going back to her native Zimbabwe after the publicity she’s had in the UK.

The X Factor contestant said that she fears Robert Mugabe’s henchmen will try and kill her if she is forced to return to the country her family fled from five years ago.

Gamu was controversially booted out of the ITV show by Cheryl Cole just before the live rounds of the programme.

And now the family face deportation after the Home Office refused to renew her mum Noku’s visa after she wrongly claimed state benefit.

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Students to pay for university depending on course

By Cara Sulieman

SCOTTISH university bosses are pushing for changes to the system that could see students paying for their higher education depending on what course and college they pick.

All 21 of Scotland’s higher education institutions are expected to come and back the plans, which will see students paying a contribution to their course once they have graduated.

Some reckon they should pay variable fees depending on what and where they choose to study, while others are resistant to this condition.

Older universities are backing the variable fees options, with St Andrews and Glasgow thought to be amongst them as they try and raise funds.

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Scotland’s councils owe a whopping £9 billion

By Cara Sulieman

SCOTLAND’S councils owe more than £9 billion between them according to new research, with only two local authorities not in debt.

Combined with looming spending cuts, there are worries that the organisations will struggle to keep up the repayments on their massive debts.

Experts have said it is “difficult to see how authorities will cope” as budgets are reigned in as part of the government’s plan to scrape back money.

Chancellor George Osborne is expected to announce the results of the country’s spending review later this month.

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Nation of animal lovers would stop abuse

By Cara Sulieman

THE MAJORITY of Scots said they would intervene if they saw someone abusing an animal.

Figures released today show that 79 per cent of people would step in, but just 47 per cent think that cruelty towards animals is on the rise.

The survey, carried out by animal protection charity OneKind, also shows that 87 per cent of the public still think Scotland is an animal loving nation.

Kind-hearted Scots also find seeing an animal suffer just as distressing as watching a person suffer, with 82 per cent of the population saying this is the case.

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