Heavy rain results in volcanic rock falling onto road

By Shaun Milne

HEAVY rain laid siege to one of Scotland’s most popular tourist attractions today (thurs) forcing a road to be closed at Edinburgh Castle.

Sizeable chunks of volcanic rock the historic barracks sits upon were dislodged by the wet weather and sent crashing to the ground below.

Some were described as being around a foot long with one observer describing the largest as being around the size of a “loaf of bread”.

No-one was injured but worried locals alerted police.

The decision to close down the area for the safety of the public was then taken.

A spokesman for Lothian and Borders Police confirmed: “The call came in around 11am. The road was closed and remains so. No one was injured.”

Historic Scotland, who just 24-hrs earlier had celebrated seeing the Castle celebrate its best August on record with 190,266 visitors passing through its walled gates, described the incident as having involved a “small rock”.

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