Bay City Rollers stars getting ready for new royalty battle

Nobby Clark says he is owed money for the songs used

By Oliver Farrimond

STARS from the Bay City Rollers are gearing up for a fresh battle over unpaid royalties.

Pat McGlynn, 52, and Nobby Clark, 59, are currently embroiled in a court worth millions of pounds with Sony Music, who own the Rollers’ former record label Arista Records.

And now the pair are readying themselves for more conflict after the label released two new compilations last month.

The CDs, a Greatest Hits and a Best Of compilation, feature Clark’s vocals and McGlynn’s guitar playing and backing vocals on a number of tracks.

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Boats sunk by high tides and strong winds at St Monans

By Martin Graham

A BOAT sank in St Monans’ harbour last night as high tides and strong winds lashed the Fife coast.

Two tenders from Fife Fire and Rescue were summoned by the harbour master at 4am this morning because three vessels were taking on water.

Sixteen fire service personnel battled to pump water out of the vessels, but one of the boats sank.

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Sherlock violin finds home in museum

By Oliver Farrimond

A VIOLIN carved from a tree from Arthur Conan Doyle’s home has gone on display in a prestigious Scottish instrument collection.

The violin, which has been named “The Sherlock Violin” by creator Steve Burnett, was carved from a 170-year-old sycamore tree from the author’s childhood home in Edinburgh.

In Doyle’s celebrated novels, the super-sleuth would famously play the violin while solving cases.

Steve Burnett, who carved the violin from the sycamore, said that having the violin added to the Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments was a “real honour”.

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Police name man found dead on Arthur’s Seat

By Oliver Farrimond

POLICE have identified a man whose body was found on Arthur’s Seat at the weekend.

Andrew Algeo, 45, from the Restalrig area of Edinburgh was found at around 10pm on Sunday by a member of the public.

It took police until 2.30pm the next day to retrieve his body due to its location.

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Edinburgh braced for biggest ever pub crawl as 1000 students hit the streets

By Martin Graham

SCOTLAND’S capital city will be  invaded by a marauding horde tonight as over 1,000 students embark on an epic pub crawl.

The group from Napier University will meet at the Cargo pub near Fountainbridge at 6.30pm for the sci-fi themed night.

Groups of 80 at a time will venture out on to the streets of Edinburgh to take in the sights and quench their thirst along the way.

Students have paid £12 per head to take part in the event, organised by Napier Students Association.

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Workers rescued after their van is swept into Arbroath harbour

By Martin Graham

TWO men defied death yesterday after a huge wave crashed against the van they were driving.

They drove on to Arborath pier at around 1.30pm to get a closer look at the epic waves whipped up by the high winds and rising tide.

A huge wall of water struck the van and knocked it sideways, leaving it dangling over the edge of the pier.

The men managed to escape from the vehicle and scrambled to a safe point on the pier. 

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Lollipop men to use spy cameras to catch dangerous drivers

Robert Purves tries out his new lollipop stick

By Cara Sulieman

CAMERAS hidden inside the sticks used by lollipop men are being used by a Scots council to catch dangerous drivers.

The video pole was introduced by East Lothian Council today in a bid to make their crossing guides’ jobs safer.

The £1,050 poles are automatically activated when held upright, snapping the registration plates of any vehicles that fail to stop.

Robert Purves, 63, works as a crossing guide on Station Road in Haddington and hopes the new kit will help avoid a repeat of near misses he has had in the past.

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