Artist cheers up school shed with a new mural

By Christine Lavelle

A PRIMARY school in Edinburgh unveiled a brand new mural today, painted by artist Olivia Irvine.

The design features two gardens – one during the day and one at night – and was heavily influenced by drawings sketched by all of the pupils at St Mary’s School in Leith.


Edinburgh Festival ready to go out with a bang

By Amanda MacMillan

THE Edinburgh International Festival is all set to go out with a bang as the annual fireworks display gets ready for take-off.

The spectacular event tomorrow night will see live music by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and fireworks by Pyrovision.

Over 100,000 fireworks, four tonnes of explosives, and hundreds of firing sequences, including the famous waterfall cascading from Edinburgh Castle, will be used during an unforgettable 45 minutes.

Last year the event attracted over 220,000 people viewing from vantage points across the capital and is the biggest annual event of its kind in Europe. Continue reading

Twenty three headstones vandalised at Catholic cemetery

By Christine Lavelle

AN HISTORIC cemetery which holds the grave of Scotland’s top Catholic’s mother has been trashed by vandals.

Mount Vernon Cemetery in Edinburgh was established in 1895 becoming one of the most noted in the city, having to stop accepting new graves since 2001 such was its popularity.

Scotland’s most senior Catholic Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who will greet the Pope later this month when he touches down in the capital, laid his mother Alice to rest there when she died during the 1950s.

Now, vandals have ruined 23 headstones and are thought to have caused extensive damage totaling thousands of pounds.

It was not thought her plot was among them. Continue reading

Scientists are conducting research into a cure for Alzheimers disease

By Martin Graham

SCIENTISTS from the University of Edinburgh hope to discover the causes of Alzheimers disease, diabetes and cataracts in a new study examining the behaviour of tiny protein molecules.

The team of researchers will be studying insulin protein found in the body to try and establish why the molecules sometimes clump together as people get older.

This ‘clumping’ effect, known as aggregation, is thought to be a cause of Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related illnesses.

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Luftwaffe raid on Forth Bridge inspires Commando comic

By Martin Graham

A DARING Luftwaffe bombing raid on the Forth Bridge has provided inspiration for a new graphic novel from Commando action comics.

The story is based on a 1939 dog fight over the Forth when Spitfires from RAF 603 Squadron engaged 12 Luftwaffe Junkers Ju 88 bombers as they tried to destroy the iconic Forth Rail Bridge.

The battle which for the skies over Edinburgh and Fife ended with one of the German aircraft being shot down near to Dalkeith, the first German aircraft to be shot down by the RAF in World War 2.

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Paramedics trial electric bicycles in Edinburgh

Paramedic Ian Symonds with his new electric bike

By Martin Graham

PARAMEDICS are swapping blue lights and sirens for bike clips and bells as they try out electric bikes in Edinburgh.

Emergency response staff have been using mountain bikes for around three years, but it is hoped the new electric bikes will cut response times and make it easier to carry the 40 kilo medical kit.

Bikes are used at major events like the festival where crowds of people mean that using vehicles is impractical.

Paramedics on bikes can save vital time in getting to patients to offer treatment, even a few minutes could be the difference between life and death.

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Man jailed over family feud

By Cara Sulieman

A MAN has been jailed over his part in an ongoing family feud after he threatened to pour petrol in the hallway of a relative’s home.

Charles Cassidy, 22, went into the house of Steven Cumming and threw a knife into the hallway before leaving and coming back with an open can of petrol on June 1 this year.

Standing in the hallway of the house in Tranent, East Lothian, he shouted “this is what you are f**king getting” before driving off.

Yesterday Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard that the feud was over money that Cassidy’s mother Yvonne Mackie suspected Steven Cumming has stolen.

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