Major response to Edinburgh airport over Ryanair alert

By Michael MacLeod

A FULL scale emergency was declared at Edinburgh Airport tonight after a Ryanair flight reported problems on approach for landing.

The plane from Pisa in Italy was due to land at 7.25pm but was delayed mid-air and forced to circle after the wheels failed to come down.

The Boeing 737-800 series was carrying up to 189 passengers and six crew members.

The pilot made an emergency call at 7.39pm, triggering a convoy of fire trucks and ambulance vehicles to stand-by on the Turnhouse runway.
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“Disgusting” kids abandon wheelchair pensioner on road

By Michael MacLeod

TWO boys as young as nine years-old pushed a disabled pensioner in an electric wheelchair onto a busy road before running off.

Andrew Harding, 72, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was alone when the boys approached him from behind and switched off his wheelchair.

They then shoved him off the kerb and onto Dundee Street in Edinburgh, close to the city’s Fountain Park cinema.

He was rescued by members of the public who saw him stranded in the road, which has a heavy constant flow of traffic.
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Chinese delivery man beaten to death by teen gang

SHOCK: The family-run shop where Mr San worked

By Amanda Keenan and Christine Lavelle

A MAJOR murder hunt is underway to catch a gang responsible for beating a Chinese delivery driver to death.

Dozens of police officers, forensic teams and hardened detectives flooded the Lochend area of Edinburgh to track down those responsible for the bloody attack on Simon San, 40, around 10pm in Lochend Avenue on Wednesday, just yards from the Loch Inn pub.

Vietnamese Mr San worked for the Yong Hua Garden takeaway which locals claimed had been under siege from youths for months.

According to police he died from brain injuries after being pounced upon by three teenagers from a larger gang of males and females.

There were emotional scenes eariler when Mr San’s sister Shirley arrived at the shop to find the area surrounded by police.
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Hotels deal with 75,000 missing teddy bears

By Cara Sulieman

SEEN AS a comforting companion for children across the country, it seems adults are also getting a good night’s sleep with the help of their teddy bear.

Over 75,000 of the cuddly chaps have been mistakenly left behind at hotels in the last year, with businessmen and woman calling the hotel in a desperate attempt to get them back.

Staff at Travelodges across the UK have done their best to reunite their customers with their bedtime pals.

If they can’t find the rightful owner then the toys are given to the local charity shop so they can find a new loving home.

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