Girl seriously injured after falling down a cliff while on holiday

By Christine Lavelle

A YOUNG girl who fell down a cliff side has been rushed to hospital with a head injury, after falling down the side of a cliff.

The 11-year-old was out walking at the Chain Walk near Kincraig Point in Fife when she fell.

She and her family are believed to be from Glasgow, but were on holiday in the area.

The incident happened at midday today, and a rescue operation was put in place to airlift her to the Royal hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, with her dad at her side. Continue reading

Huge increase in number of schoolgirls on the contraceptive pill

By Christine Lavelle

THE NUMBER of schoolgirls aged 11 and 12 being prescribed the contraceptive pill has had a fivefold increase in the past decade.

More than 1,000 girls of this age group are now on the pill in the UK, and a further 200 aged between 11 and 13 have received the long-term injection or an implanted contraceptive device.

This suggests these underage preteens are planning on having long term sex, by avoiding having to take a daily pill.

Many of these prescriptions are being given out without any parental knowledge, but doctors are legal bound by a duty of confidentiality, which comes ahead of parents’ views. Continue reading

Anne Hathaway starts filming new movie in the Capital

By Christine Lavelle

CELEBRITY starlet Anne Hathaway was spotted in Edinburgh today, after filming for her newest venture, ‘One Day’, got underway over the weekend.

Members of the public looked on in awe as the actress mulled around with co-star Jim Sturgess at Moray Place, in the city’s New Town.

The romantic comedy is based on the 2009 book by David Nicholls, and tells the story of Emma (Hathaway) and Dexter (Sturgess) who meet for the first time during their graduation ceremony, and proceed to plan meetings once every 20 years thereafter. Continue reading

Bad news for Scotland as it tops chart for drugs misuse

By Christine Lavelle

A NEW study has revealed Scotland has some of the worst drug abuse rates than anywhere else in the world – and it keeps getting worse.

An international survey, by the UN, includes results from 200 countries, and shows more people per head use heroin, ecstasy and cocaine in this country than almost every other.

Shocking figures demonstrate that almost four per cent of the population is regularly using the class A drug cocaine, which is the highest recorded anywhere.

Around 1.5 per cent of Scots adults inject or smoke opiates – almost three times the world’s average. Continue reading

Honeymoon horror groom is making a steady recovery

By Christine Lavelle

A TEACHER who was hit by a car in Italy has been moved out of intensive care, almost a month after he was induced into a coma by doctors.

John Tams, 31, suffered serious head injuries when he was thrown 30ft in the air by an out-of-control vehicle, while on honeymoon with his new bride Nicola.

The craft and design teacher from Edinburgh also sustained facial injuries and a broken leg, pelvis and ribs, while Mrs Tams, 31, was left with four broken ribs.

The couple, who were married in Edinburgh’s Minto hotel just days before the accident, were leaving a restaurant in Naples when the car veered onto the pavement – heading straight for them.

Although Mr Tams’ injuries are severe, he has been making steady progress and during his wife’s first visit after getting out of hospital herself, he was able to tell her that he loves her. Continue reading

MP slams airline after drunken louts delay flight to Ibiza

By Christine Lavelle

A GROUP of boozy lads on their way to Ibiza for a stag holiday caused havoc at Glasgow Airport when their behaviour caused the flight to be grounded for several hours.

Holidaymakers on board the 5.40pm easyJet flight to the sunshine island were left reeling on Saturday as police were called to deal with the ‘paralytic’ party.

Hundreds of passengers were held up when their flight was forced to return to the terminal from the runway, when members of the 15-strong group refused to sit down for take-off.

Police officers then entered the plane and removed two of the louts, who were said to have been behaving aggressively – but neither was arrested. Continue reading

Push bike driver dies as he falls in way of oncoming car

By Christine Lavelle

A MAN died in hospital after falling off a push bike – straight into the path of an oncoming car.

The 35-year-old came off his bike on the A698 road, near Kelso in the Borders, shortly before 8pm on Saturday night.

An ambulance crew did their best to keep him alive as they rushed him to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, but he was later pronounced dead.

A spokesman from the Scottish Ambulance service said: “We were called to an emergency after a man fell off his push bike, and was hit by an oncoming vehicle which was coming round the corner after him.

“He was taken to Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary where he died later the same evening.”

Boy rescued from quarry after falling 10ft down cliff face

By Christine Lavelle

A TEENAGER had to be rescued after falling 10ft from a cliff in Fife, leaving him with possible spinal injuries.

The 14-year-old boy fell down a cliff side at Preston Quarry, Inverkeithing, shortly after 8pm on Saturday night and had to be saved by Fife Fire and Rescue’s heavy rescue unit.

Firemen used a 10ft rope to reach the boy, who was taken to Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline.

A spokesman from Scottish Ambulance said: “We were called to the emergency just after 8pm on Saturday, where a boy aged 14 had fallen down a cliff in Inverkeithing.

“Fire crews were at the scene and managed to rescue him by using a 10ft line to get down.

“It is believed he has sustained spinal injuries, the extent of which is not yet known.”

Marriage torn apart by motorcycle crash

By Christine Lavelle

A FEMALE motorcyclist died when the bike she was driving veered off the road, leaving her husband – who was riding on the back – with only minor injuries.

She is said to have lost control of the motorbike when driving on an A9 slip road near Pitlochry, Perthshire, on Saturday night.

A passing doctor gave the woman emergency CPR, but she was later pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics, who were flown in by helicopter from Dundee.

A spokesman for Scottish Ambulance said: “We were called to a motorcycle accident just before 6pm on Saturday.

“Both casualties were riding on the same bike, and the woman was seriously injured but her husband only sustained cuts and bruises and was able to walk away from the crash.

“A doctor who was passing stopped to administer CPR to the female driver, but when our emergency helicopter crew was flown in from Dundee she was pronounced dead at the scene.”